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‘David Cameron Worst Prime Minister Ever in UK, Naive on Brexit Implication’ – Ben Omoakin Oguntala, CEO, SecurityinAfrica.com, London … Says: ‘Theresa May, Britain’s New Prime Minister Share No Belief in Brexit *Department for International Development UK is central to Corruption in Britain *Regrets: ‘African Trade Promotion Agencies in Britain tied to Bribery’ * ‘Nigeria’s Naira, Other African Currencies can receive boost by Strategic Trade Partnership’ *Lament: ‘Fiscal Planners in Nigeria Failed Nigerian People on Brexit Threat to Economy’ * Explains: ‘Nigeria Lacks Leadership Intellectuals on Economic Revival’ * UK Economy is a Direct Beneficiary of Corruption *British Immigration Problems begin from Africa, Asia *Exposed: ‘Three Generations of Nigerians live in UK, Considers Queens enclave Home’ *Every Nigerians in Britain believes we have Equity Ownership in UK PLC

‘David Cameron Worst Prime Minister Ever in UK, Naive on Brexit Implication’ Ben Omoakin Oguntala, CEO, SecurityinAfrica.com, London

Says: ‘Theresa May, Britain’s New Prime Minister Share No Belief in Brexit

*Department for International Development UK is central to Corruption in Britain

*Regrets: ‘African Trade Promotion Agencies in Britain tied to Bribery’

* ‘Nigeria’s Naira, Other African Currencies can receive boost by Strategic Trade Partnership’

*Lament: ‘Fiscal Planners in Nigeria Failed Nigerian People on Brexit Threat to Economy’

* Explains: ‘Nigeria Lacks Leadership Intellectuals on Economic Revival’

* UK Economy is a Direct Beneficiary of Corruption

*British Immigration Problems begin from Africa, Asia

*Exposed: ‘Three Generations of Nigerians live in UK, Considers Queens enclave Home’

*Every Nigerians in Britain believes we have Equity Ownership in UK PLC



BEN Omoakin Oguntala is an Economist, a British national, with deep knowledge on European, British and African economy. He is very analytical and remains Chief Executive officer of SecurityinAfrica.com in United Kingdom, International Trade & Development, involving developingAfrica.net and The Chambers of F Khan. Ben previously worked with Vodafone, Orange and RWE nPower among others. In this Exclusive Interview with SEMIU NURENI, ECONOMY EDITOR, he narrates his fear for Brexit, Why former British Prime Minister is worst ever, How Theresa May (newly appointed Britain’s Prime Minister) is confused on Brexit effects on United Kingdom Economy, Reasons Britain’s Economy Survives on Corruption among other issues.


OMOAKINQ: Going by the anticipated position of David Cameron to quit as British Prime Minister by October and eventually resigned much earlier, how do you think this will affect Brexit?

A: Brexit of course will have a negative effect on United Kingdom (UK) because those who asked for it lied to the British people, they make the entire argument based on immigration and it is clearly not the case. If you look at it closely, the cost of making changes to existing facilities that rely on European Union (EU) will be huge, needless spending that is completely bureaucratic. The UK laws that empower the citizens would have to be re-written since in the last 20 years we have solely relied on the EU provisions. These are good laws, so the first challenge for the UK will be: who wants a right that is lesser than the right the EU gave us, if the answer is no, we will end up effectively with the same rights, which begs the question, apart from name change, what is the point of Brexit.


The new UK Prime Minister (Theresa May) does not believe in Brexit and that is another form of deceit. The UK population will be constantly lied to and there will be several attempts to paraphrase the fact that the UK will not be able to exit the EU. So why don’t they just call a spade a spade and stop all the lying. Everyone important in the Brexit campaign has not stepped back, handing over the control to those who wanted us to remain and they now have to draft clever means of lying to the British people. I can assure you, Britain has no plan to leave the EU because there is no life for Britain outside the UK.


The only benefit the Brexit has brought is a change of guards. The wiping out of David Cameron’s crew to bring in Theresa May was not planned and may give our international approach a new make over, how effective this will be remains to be seen. The main problem with Britain been so close to the EU is that they are using same tune on Africa and that constantly make it more difficult for Africa’s development to gain a sustainable foothold and prosper. I can tell you that the UK and the EU seem to have forgotten the main reason Africa’s slow or retarded development which stems primarily from them by aiding corrupt African politicians that bank with them. In short, Britain is virtually putting a stop to Africa’s development.

Q: By Britain leaving European Union, what effects do you think this will have on European’s Euro and Nigeria’s Naira?

A: Theresa May should ensure that Brexit as a legal tender create an economic window but our African leaders lack the foresight to seize an opportunity where there is one primarily because they too are part of the problem. They want the status quo to remain. Where are the African trade promotion agencies hustling in the UK for deals to reduce the exposure, gap or deficit the Brexit may cause? They are nowhere to be found because they cannot see beyond bribery. This is where our so called African intellects should be at work and are currently sleeping. Naira and African currencies could be boosted by strategic trade partnership with mutual benefits but you need the likes of Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank , former Minister of Agriculture in Nigeria.

Adesina was outstanding at African Ministerial levels which brought about positive change the nation desires on the global level. Naira is sitting in Nigeria but ought to be at every European city negotiating deals but like I said, we are still sleeping and waiting for someone to come and bribe us before we listen and take note. It is a shame that our so called fiscal planners cannot see what a massive opportunity this threat of Brexit is. We have educational degrees that we cannot use when it matters, yet a lower wage-paid post graduate degree holder from the UK comes up with a plan that beats all African countries into submission. When are we going to wake up?


Q: How do you think this decision of UK will negatively affect Commonwealth citizens-particularly Nigerians in United Kingdom?

A: To question our membership of the Commonwealth would open up opportunities that we have never envisaged. The deal for the Commonwealth was signed many decades ago, the landscape has changed and we are now in a new era. Commonwealth gets more out of us and we get from it and it needs to be updated in order to be fit for purpose.

The benefit of Nigerians and the Commonwealth relates more to the UK than the rest the EU, as a result, I don’t suspect that there would be a negative impact, however, we need intelligent leadership to negotiate a better deal for our Commonwealth membership and we are not getting that at the moment. We are not even asking the question because if the UK instigated Brexit, it would be amenable to Nigeria requesting a better deal in a union we get less from what we put in. It could be made to work so well in reviving our economy but there is a dearth of leadership intellectuals to ask the questions and that is where were as a continent are failing.


Q: Don’t you think Nigerians in Britain will now face more Xenophobia in the hands of Britons?

The irony of Brexit is, the real immigration problem that the UK has, does not stem from EU migrants but from third countries like Africa and Asia. Brexit will make no difference to those figures.

Every Nigerian in the UK knows as a fundamental fact that even if the Queen herself were to say go back home, we aren’t going anywhere. We consider Britain home and you now have three generations of Nigerians in the UK, we can’t fall for xenophobic insults, with or without Brexit we were getting the insults anyway. You see, to many Nigerians that are British or even with Residence, we are British whether or not those who claim hereditary rights over us agree. I cannot imagine a Nigerian being remotely moved by Brexit calls to go back home, don’t get me wrong it would upset us but the bottom line is we feel we built this economy to where it is today both legally and illegally and we have equity ownership in the UK PLC. That is engrained in the heart of Nigerians before they leave the Nigerian airspace.


Q: Do you see David Cameron’s life in danger going by his decision to make UK leave EU without consulting the majority of Tory’s (Conservatives Party members)?

A: I consider David Cameron the worst Prime Minister that the UK ever had. He referred to Nigeria as fantastically corrupt, well he must be fantastically stupid and naïve to have fallen for the Brexit trap the manner that he did. A leader is supposed to lead and set his own agenda, as a corollary of the maxim, you need to stand for something or you will fall for anything. Aptly applies to David Cameron. Brexit has exposed the true nature of our politicians as nothing but liars and after their own self interests. I supposed the smartest decision he ever made was to resign and leave quickly. This is smart because the blame for not leaving the EU is not going to fall on him. He may be smart in his decision not to get the blame but nonetheless, idiotic to needlessly plunge the UK economy into such a chaos with a consideration or care for those that will be affected. It is another example of the disconnect between the rich and the poor. The uncertainty is going to cause panic which means companies will put on emergency breaks to be cautions, emergency break will mean loss of jobs for millions. I suppose David Cameron won’t have to worry about that after he leaves office and the people of Britain may never catch on to the wisdom of his early departure, which is why I consider him the worst Prime Minister in UK history.


Q: How do you think British citizens will be willing to adapt and cope with several strenuous and technical jobs earlier done by EU citizens?

A: There are already legal challenges ongoing to show that the Brexit was not well thought-out and more importantly shows the naivety of the proponents of Brexit. The cost would be huge, legal challenges will rise, those who were promised contracts will sue for loss of revenue and expectations. Who would want to voluntarily give up their rights to the UK, so more legal challenges choking the legal process.

Those that voted for Brexit clearly shot the entire economy in the foot and brought about this uncertainty. The skills gap will still be there. The truth of the matter is: any job that foreigners get, they get because they were the best qualify for the job. Ask any employer that employs foreigners and the answer as to why they employed them would be the same. If you are a British national and you have allow your economic chances fall so low that a foreigner competes with you, then you have yourself to blame. They (foreigners) had to travel here (UK), learn your language, get higher rent, learn to interact and beat you in your own game, that is only reflective of how bad the British worker is.


Q: How do you think UK’s Economy will be affected by this position taken by David Cameron?

Q: UK economy fluctuates. It may go down but will bounce back again, it is never stagnant, it is robust enough to withstand even monolithic political decisions like Brexit mainly because business is more important than politics and business would not harm itself for the sake of irresponsible politicians. No business would want to lose money. David Cameron and a lot of rich people in Britain will not be remotely affected by the decision of irresponsible politicians and that is why it is ironic that the poor working class people that voted for Brexit, would be the very same that will suffer the consequences.


Q: Scotland is rejoicing saying they are not part of ‘little UK’s fallen economy’. What do you make of this move?

A: This is another example of lying politicians. In the eyes of the EU, there is no Scotland deal in Brexit because the UK and Scotland are one and same and the EU would want to of course teach Britain a lesson by creating the condition to punish Brexit in order to force Scottish break away. The leaders in Scotland and not telling their people the truth but ultimately, you will find that there is no such thing as Scottish deal in Brexit.


Q: It is alleged in Panama Papers that David Cameron was allegedly involved in many several tax evasion running into million of pounds sterling without the knowledge of majority of British, do you think the UK Prime Minister is ‘corruption-free’?

A: David Cameron is typical of the discriminatory approach post colonials view of Africa, where he seems to want to look at history and cheery pick versions of it that suits him. Cameron’s Tory party expect we will not be able to uncover their secrets and states clear that Cameron was setting a standard and behind the scenes benefiting from its abuse. Back to our intellectual incapabilities, where are the African Governments chasing the panama papers. Talk about hopelessness for the African people, hit by the International government and hit again by the people who are supposed to care for them, their own Government.


Q: How will you describe the ‘Nigeria’s fantastically-corrupt stance’ of Britain’s ex- Prime Minister?

A: One of the reasons Brexit is considered good potentially for Africa and Nigeria is that a new set of people will come into leadership. We can only hope and pray that they don’t maintain status quo. Cameron calls us fantastically corrupt but forgets that his economy is a direct beneficiary of the corrupt nature of Nigeria, most of the Nigerian Governors have bank accounts in the UK and this is where the corruption money is deposited, take away that money and it would bankrupt the UK economy.

To the technocrats, Cameron paid lip service to fighting corruption, he made promises that he never intended to keep and at the same time continued to benefit from it. Department for International Development (DFID) UK has been central to Corruption. DFID uses Africa’s poverty to get UK tax payer’s money and then don’t account accurately for the spend or rather abuse it. Not to mention the fact that Cameron’s remarks were unparliamentary and crass, it was a like schoolboy showing off to his Mummy.


Q: How do you think Nigerian economy will survive with the gradual dearth of Britain’s Brexit?

A: The Nigerian economy is probably utilising 5% of its potential with the UK and the EU made sure there is no window for African development unless it allows it. Brexit could open new window for Nigeria but the unfortunate thing is there is no one to pickup on the Nigerian side, no one to make the case for Nigeria. The EU/UK Africa relationship has always been about exploiting Africa, to come to that table with less intelligence is as dangerous as a man with money and no idea on how to count. We have no idea of what we have and what we need. We have no intelligence or analytic guide to our strategy that it is primarily why we are failing and can only be described as a contradiction country. We have oil as a natural resource but there is fuel shortage. We have hospitals that are more guaranteed to kill than heal, we have electric dams but have persistent power cut, we have many graduates but are unable to apply their intelligence, we have Nigerians that are proud to be Nigerians but have no reason to sustain that pride simply because we are under-utilizing our potentials. The doors of Brexit have very little consequence to us because intellectually and speaking metaphorically: our lights are on but no one is home.


Q: How will you describe Nigeria’s economy performance under President Muhammadu Buhari?

A: I don’t frequent Nigeria so I have no first hand experience, however it is plain to see that the economy is getting worse not better. The intellect we need in Nigeria to drive us forward are too busy looking for bribes. I cannot blame President Buhari for this: he employs, engages people who are the ones letting him down. The answer to Nigeria’s economic question is trade and employment because these would naturally bring out development but where do you see trade and employment in Nigeria? An article was published about my oraganisation in Nigeria newspapers titled addressing Nigeria’s 60m unemployment deficit –https://www.linkedin.com/company/africa-secretariat?trk=biz-companies-cym in it I described how our trade in raw materials could generate up to £100million per hour into Nigerian economy that would make us surpass any country in the world, with zero interest from the Nigerian government. Truth is, we lack leadership foresight. They are chasing corruption money without applying their intellectual capacity properly. Meanwhile, when they steal money, they have to forever be looking over their shoulders. If they implement the strategy I am proposing, Nigeria would have been guaranteed wealth for four to five generations.



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