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EXCLUSIVE: Untold Concubines of Sani Abacha…Penchant for Indian Girls * Hideouts of his ‘Juju Priests’ abroad revealed * Permanent NICON NOGA Suite for Girlfriends Unveiled *Real Reasons Abdusalami Abubakar Panel retires Jerry Useni *Top Secrets: Truth behind Bamayi’s Coup *Why Abdullahi Sani Abacha is addicted to Cocaine *‘I’ve no hands in Abacha’s Death’-Useni

EXCLUSIVE:  Untold Concubines of Sani Abacha…Penchant for Indian Girls

 * Hideouts of his ‘Juju Priests’ abroad revealed  * Permanent NICON NOGA Suite for Girlfriends Unveiled

  • Real Reasons Abdusalami Abubakar Panel retires Jerry Useni
  • Top Secrets: Truth behind Bamayi’s Coup
  • Why Abdullahi Sani Abacha is addicted to Cocaine
  • ‘I’ve no hands in Abacha’s Death’Useni


JUNE 8, 1998, day General Sani Abacha, Nigeria’s former Head of States died, not many Nigerians are aware that this late dictator, married to Maryam allegedly had few concubines that he kept away from the prying eyes of the wife in a bid to satisfy his highly uncontrolled libido.Nigeria's late dictator General Sani Abacha

Abacha’s Concubines exposed

These concubines of Abacha hardly visit Aso Rock, Nigeria’s seat of power when Abacha was alive, but were always lodged in permanent suites at NICON NOGA Hilton hotel in Abuja under different ‘pseudo’ names so that Maryam would not suspect any adulterous move then made by her husband. Naija Standard learnt that these suites always under lock and keys under the instruction of Abacha’s aide (names withheld) as instructed the management of the hotel are 24 hour under security radar; since all the needs of these ladies are supplied by the hotel’s management.

It was gathered that Abacha’s favorites then were Indian girls whom he cherishes and occasionally invite over to the Villa under the cover of darkness due to their beauty, charisma and sexual looks. This obviously described his ‘lustful penchant for Indian girls.’

Hideouts of his ‘Juju Priests’ abroad revealed  


Naija Standard undercover investigation revealed that the erstwhile Head of State allegedly had 20 Marabouts, who are ‘Juju Priests’ from Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Libya. They were permanently on his paying lists and their job was to always tell him whenever the military or soldiers were planning any coup against him; so that he could immediately ‘move’ to thwart them.


In spite of the fact all the coups then planned against Abacha were foiled through strong spiritual warnings by these Marabouts to Abacha, the juju priests could not ‘see’ when Abacha would die but warned him that one of his girlfriends would lead to his death.

How Abacha Died

That night of June 8, 1998 death visited Abacha. He had allegedly told few of his aides that he was in the mood of having a long ‘sexual experience’ due to the herbs that he took to steer his sexual drive. She lived all that while abroad. Jerry Useni, Abacha’s best pal was allegedly in the know of this, but declined comment publicly. That was same night, a set of beautiful Indian girls already lodged at NICON NOGA Hilton were brought in to Aso Rock around midnight to satisfy Abacha’s orgies. Excited Abacha had ushered these girls into House No. 7 where he eventually died few hours after. These Indian ladies were immediately made to escape after the ‘unexpected death’ of Abacha. Useni was called at about 5am that Abacha was dead. Till date, no one knew how these Indian girls escaped from the Villa.

 Confusion in the Nigerian Military Command

To Al-Mustapha, Abacha’s Chief Security Officer, Useni orchestrated Abacha death because he wanted to take over, that was the impression they gave him and he fell for it. Then, Oladipo Diya second-in-command was still in detention. Useni branded as Abacha killer, the road was clear for Abdusalami Abubakar, apparently the heir to take over power. Abacha was number one, Diya number two, Useni 3 and Abdusalami 4; this is according to military seniority. This was where Mustapha was demystified, with all his 5 years of security network and spurious intelligence gathering, it came to the fore that most people who surrounded the dark-goggled General were feeding on him. Mustapha failed his boss at the last minute, he fell and the Abacha Empire collapsed like a pack of cards.

Mustapha thought Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida was on their side, until he was posted out of the Villa to 82nd Division in Enugu under Major-General Oladayo Popoola. It was a set-up he failed the litmus test and was arrested and detained. That was the beginning of his journey into partial incarceration. Omenka, another tough military officer miraculously got out of the country. Sabo, Director of Military Intelligence was spared. It was on record that Olusegun Obasanjo was taken to inter-center at Ikoyi cemetery over the 1995 coup. He was thrown into a room on a bare floor, no carpet, no bed. Sabo was on a tour of the detention centers and he saw the Ota farmer in the sorry condition. He believed the General deserved better treatment, he knew there was no coup, so he ordered that Obasanjo’s room be equipped with beddings, refrigerator and carpet . At least it made the Ota farmer to live like a Very Important Detainee until his transfer to Yola prison. Sabo is now a member of the Peoples Democratic Party.

Planted story to ‘nail’ Useni on Abacha’s death

Naija Standard learnt that soonest information reached media houses and the headlines were one of Useni’s boys, a lawyer and a Lt. Colonel was the one who went to India to bring the expatriate prostitutes which led to Abacha’s death.  As a punishment, he was retired after the findings of a panel set up by Abdusalami Abubakar government. The truth is that the man in question; Lt. Col Nandap was not retired. There was no investigation. He was retired with some other officers, two Brigadier-Generals because their panel set Colonel Kemi Peters free. Col. Kemi Peters was mentioned in the December 1997 coup but escaped from his house in Lagos. He stayed abroad until after Abacha’s death. On his return, General Ishaya Bamaiyi ordered his arrest and set up a court martial to try for AWOL-Away Without Official Leave. But throughout the period of Col Peters’ disappearance, the Army under Bamaiyi never issued such warrant on him. Army was paying his salary. The charge of AWOL could not be proven by the Army, so the Martial court set him free.

Bamaiyi was mad and he ordered that all members of the court be retired compulsorily. Nandap was unlucky as he was just on the waiting list but stood in for a member who was not around and he got his service abruptly interrupted. One of the Brigadier-Generals was one of the best Medical doctors in the Army, but he was retired by Bamaiyi.

Ishaya Rizi Bamaiyi a course 4 officer of the NDA was made the Chief of Army Staff over his seniors like Abdul Karim Adisa, and others. So to retain them in service, they were posted out of the Army as Ministers. Bamaiyi, before his appointment never respected nor recognized Awal Kazir, his predecessor. Bamaiyi is a man with tall ambition. Abacha did not favor him but Diya did, an answer only Diya could answer alone. So it is the same monster created by Diya that consumed him. Ishaya Bamaiyi is a man with many features and it is the one he wants you to know that you know. No sooner had he assumed office than Mustapha discovered that he had an ambition to succeed Abacha. Bamaiyi as the Chief of Army Staff wrecked more havoc on the Nigerian Army than any Chief of Army Staff before and after him.

At the time when focus was on him, with his plot to unseat Abacha, Bamaiyi saw a good shield in Diya. He approached Diya with the demands of Officers on political detainees, most importantly MKO Abiola. Knowing too that Diya had spoken against Abacha’s self-succession bid, Diya became his alibi. He sold the idea to Diya; gullibly Diya bought it hook line and sinker. Towards the end of the year 1997, Abacha sacked some of his Ministers, with the aim of reconstituting another one. Olanrewaju Adisa lost his Works and Housing Minister Portfolio. But Abacha’s plan was to remove Bamaiyi as the Chief of Army Staff and make Adisa his new Chief of Army Staff.

How Diya was recorded on tape

Bamaiyi got wind of this from his boys planted within the Abacha set up, so he went to Diya and advised him to discuss the ‘coup’ with Adisa. In the military, if you hear of a coup plot and you fail to report it, you are as guilty as the plotters. Diya called Adisa told him every plan, but when Adisa knew of those behind it, he warned Diya. Diya interpreted that as cowardice and accused Adisa of boot-licking in order to become the Chief of Army Staff. Bamaiyi went back to Abacha with a recorded tape from Diya. It was then that Abacha knew Adisa had been informed. He waited for Adisa to come and report but Adisa never did. He reported Adisa to Arisekola Alao who called Adisa. Adisa eventually went to Abacha but did not tell him anything.

To Mustapha, Sabo and other members of Abacha’s camp, Diya did not plan any coup, it was Bamaiyi’s idea. If not for Brigadier-General Ibrahim Sabo, Bamaiyi would have taken over power on December 20, 1997. His plan was for Diya to be taken away killed in action while he descended on Abacha. Mustapha was to be killed first. According to their plan, if Mustapha is out of the way, then Abacha becomes vulnerable. Sabo spoilt the show. The Abacha camp saw the wisdom in roping the coup on Diya after he escaped the bomb attack along the airport in Abuja. It was the night of the bomb explosion that Diya knew and accepted that Abacha wanted him dead. Unfortunately for Diya, he had his official quarters wired and it was discovered that he was to leave for Lagos after that Sunday enroute Republic of Benin and they came after him that night.

‘I’ve no Hands in Abacha’s Death’USENI

Useni reportedly denied having hands in Abacha’s death. His words: “People said all that, about apple poisoning him; some women poisoned him and all that. There is an autopsy report on what killed Abacha.  They cut his body and sent to Germany. The report that came back said Abacha died of natural causes. They cut his body again and sent to the United Kingdom, the report that came back said he died of natural causes. The man had been ill any way. I have no hands in Abacha’s death. If you remember during the Oputa Panel in Lagos, where Mustapha said if there was anybody that was owed an apology, it was General Useni because I was suspected. Though I was the most senior military officer but politically then I wasn’t. By political appointment, the Chief of Defence Staff was the most senior but even at that, the suspicion that I had a hand in his death also played a role in the whole thing and that was why I was bypassed. But Mustapha told them in the court there that if there was anybody to apologise to it was General Useni. And the autopsy report was very clear about the cause of death.”

‘Abdullahi Sani Abacha hooked on Cocaine’

For Maryam, Nigeria’s former First Lady, she was shocked to hear that Abdullahi Sani Abacha is addicted to Cocaine. So terrible that he had to put much pressure on Abdullahi Alli, a telephone operator in the family’s household to sell her jewelry to buy Cocaine. A telephone operator in the household of the former military ruler, Abacha, standing trial for alleged theft of Maryam jewelry reportedly accused their son, Abdullahi Sani Abacha, of involvement in the crime.

The accused, Ali, who was charged to court along with three others for the offense committed in 2007, denied the allegation of theft. The accused then represented by his lawyer, Barrister Abubakar Mohammad said the younger Sani Abacha gave him the jewelry when his mother travelled to Abuja and directed him to use the proceeds to buy him cocaine.

His words: “He directed me to sell it and take the money to one Tony in Sabon Gari [quarters] to collect cocaine for him.” He explained that Abdullahi Sani Abacha had strongly reprimanded him for disobeying an earlier directive; therefore, he was obliged to do his bidding. He said he sold the gold jewelry for N220, 000 and collected N110, 000 as part-payment for the sale. He was held responsible for the robbery when Mrs. Abacha came from her trip to Abuja and discovered her trinkets missing. According to him, the former first lady’s chief security officer, Captain Hassan, informed the buyer, Tony, of his complicity in the crime which prompted the jewelry dealer to take to his heels.

He said, “When I told the police about Tony, Captain Hassan quickly called him on the phone and asked him to run away and since then I have not heard from him again.”

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