EXCLUSIVE:’British Pilots Banned from Returning Nigerian Migrants’-UK Political Group*Warns: ‘Adoption of International Federalistic Approach sacrosanct’*States: ‘Virgin Atlantic Airlines to face Prosecution if Nigerians are Deported November 24 ‘*Exposed: ‘Ngere, Ogosi are Most Corrupt Nigerian Embassy officials in London’*Explains: ‘Nigerian President should Recall these Fraudulent Diplomats soiling the Nation’*Revealed: ‘My letter to Gordon Brown, ex-British Prime Minister for exposing corruption in UK Border Agency led to my Prison Notes experience defending Nigerians against Deportation’


‘British Pilots Banned from Returning Nigerian Migrants’UK Political Group

*Warns: ‘Adoption of International Federalistic Approach sacrosanct’

*States: ‘Virgin Atlantic Airlines to face Prosecution if Nigerians are Deported November 24 ‘

*Exposed: ‘Ngere, Ogosi are Most Corrupt Nigerian Embassy officials in London’

*Explains: ‘Nigerian President should Recall these Fraudulent Diplomats soiling the Nation’

Revealed: ‘My letter to Gordon Brown, ex-British Prime Minister for exposing corruption in UK Border Agency led to my Prison Notes experience defending Nigerians against Deportation’

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SOUNDING very angry, feeling so upset, Professor Alexia Thomas, a Nigerian-born, British fiery Human Rights Activist who doubles as Chairman, The Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP -a registered political party in United Kingdom (UK) and President, Independent Diplomat Commission, IDC has issued a-72 hour ultimatum to Muhammadu Buhari, President of Nigeria to order a complete close-down of Nigerian Embassy in London as a result of unchecked corruption, fraud, illegal arrest, criminal torture of Nigerians arrested, detained in various British Immigration Centers across the Queen’s enclave awaiting deportation. In this encounter, she revealed a formidable uprising and protests already in the works by Nigerian community in UK to set ablaze ‘Nigerian House’ as a reactionary sign to tell the world how officials of Nigerian Embassy trade every Nigerian deportee for the sum of 3,000 Pounds in the hands of UK Border Agency. Also, she narrated the conspiracy between British Immigration and UK Border Agency which led to her ‘prison notes’ for fighting for Nigerians’ freedom.

Q: Can you tell us what has been happening to Nigerian community in United Kingdom lately?

Insanity and obscenity is presently on-going here in London. I got a phone call from a Nigerian young man who has been resident in United Kingdom in the past 20 years. I think he has seen some national newspapers’ articles that ‘No Nigerian should be Deported from UK’. The Nigerian community read the articles and sensitized their minds where I said freedom and sovereignty are institutions that are non-negotiable as rights of the people. Freedom is when you allow the will to determine the destinies of the generality, while sovereignty is when you allow your will to determine your own destiny upon yourself. And freedom is unlocking the code of knowledge. Every person in the Commonwealth has been crying for freedom.

Since I have unlocked the code of knowledge, we have given them the freedom automatically. The knowledge they lack and the knowledge that is unlocked with the International Bill of Patriot Mandate, IBOPM, sanity is becoming the order of the day. As such, many people have been calling the office of the Independent Diplomat Commission, IDC, which is powered by The Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP, since both of them are in alliance. We said to them: ‘when a system that parades the greatest abuse is oppressive injustice, chartered by law, then such situation silence voice of justice’. Reasons being that leadership insanity wants to destroy, wreck and burn humanity. For the first time, we will use humanity formula, we will use mathematical formula to solve this illusion.

A white man should know that freedom has been given to the colored people. The white man should know that freedom of the colored people is for the colored people irrespective of where they are domiciled. Like I earlier said, freedom is unlocking the code of knowledge. The knowledge we give the people means that for the first time, people can change their own destinies, by so doing they become wise. And through this educative wisdom, it means that the white man can no longer abuse the colored people. The knowledge the colored people have acquired is an awakening in their subconsciousness which no one can take away from them. This invariably translates: ‘the colored people are more intelligent than the whites.’ The whites had been the masters holding the whip all the while, but for the first time, this same whip will be taken away from them and handed over to the colored people. As it is, the white man will be whipped heavily because they have stupidly, foolishly, disgracefully and gullibly brought shame to the British kingdom. Since the spirits of the greatest in the British empire are awake for war, this era of white supremacy will be put to shame. The children of this British Empire of the 21st Century, have brought shame upon this kingdom. The spirit of Queen Elizabeth, ghost of King George and ancestors that founded the Commonwealth nation are at war with their children (British kingdom).

Q: Can you kindly shed more illustration on this revelation?

For the first time, the ancestors of this land from their voices in the graves, I brought their message to this physical world. Their message to me to pass unto the physical world is: ‘We are at war with our children’. The gods and the spirits of the lands are angry, because the children of grace must be at peace. So, it is not just giving them that stupid piece of traveling documentation, but their wasted destinies will be remunerated. For every son of Commonwealth nation, who has come to this land of Britain and spent a minimum of One year of their lives having evidence that they paid British Home Office money, that is justice-robbery. When British Home Office refused to hand out to these Commonwealth people their various traveling papers, that is another clear case of justice-robbery.

For those actions which borders on illegality by British government, each son of Commonwealth (each Nigerian child) will be paid the sum of 250,000 pounds a year, multiply by the number of years they were not allowed to stay in this country. The piece of paper as Visa and passport are nothing, since they are valid nothing.

Visa is a sham, immigration pass is a sham, immigration law is a sham. The ancestors said: ‘even when we give your passport, which is your right to travel that cannot be withdrawn,’ The scenario is synonymous to animal kingdom where people live by a lifestyle that s not orderly. Nature tells where to go and where not to go to find their sustenance. By investigation, I realized that the fish moved from one location to the other. It is akin to lion in the animal kingdom where there is so much boldness and confidence. The fixed animals that have no brain would think they had no means to travel and turn their destinies around. No one can limit someone else’s liberty to travel freewill. As mush as initiated the British Immigration policy are mentally unwell.

The colored people should know that the ancestors have spoken: ‘We will give you the Visa, traveling documents, we will give you passport’, the border shall be opened. By the time you get your passport, it means nothing..throw it under your bed. We shall give you (colored people) the honor, because the voice from the spirit world says ‘Fear Not’. For that whip they laid on you, you are entitled to 250,000 pounds a year, multiplied by the number of year you were denied your rights to stay in this greatest land. You are children, you are Commonwealth, you are blood , you are heritage. Fear no fears on this fund. As long as this came forward from Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexis Thomas; then all are in order. This mean we have applied the formula, this formula will be divided by the ruling ratio. Ruling ratio simply means if ‘Rooney’ the footballers can earn 350,000 pounds a week for playing ‘rubbish football’, that brings nothing positive to humanity; if Rooney-an illiterate can earn 350,000 pounds a week, how much can you pay to a man whom one year of his life had been wasted? The 250,000 pounds a year, a commonwealth citizen is to collect is not up to the 350,000 pounds a week. That is what is called ‘Magna Carta Compensation Scheme’. The principles of Magna Carta had been breached, Magna Carta had been broken. Magna Carta is a man’s free will to be free irrespective of the circumstance he found himself. King George, the father of freedom settled the rights of the Commonwealth citizens in the 12th Century. Magna Carta was the law founded by the year 1215. Magna Carta gave UK their rights as free people. That was when UK was free, been a right to become a free citizen of the world. Since the day that right of Magna Carta became an instrument of law, members of Commonwealth assumed the status of freedom. From that 12 the Century, the Commonwealth citizens had freed themselves. 800 years later, Magna Carta had been breached. The spirit of Magna Carta and ghost of King George are at war with their children (British Empire).

The British Empire thinks the Commonwealth people are servants and slaves, so they can continue to kill them, destroy them and dehumanize them the way they did them in the 10,000 Century. All the atrocities they did to the Commonwealth people in the 11th Century ago had come to an end because the code of knowledge had been unlocked for the good of humanity. For once, the spirits of the gods must appeased. The only way that can be done is; every Commonwealth citizens who had been deported since 1965 to 2018 should put all their books together, because the Magna Carta Compensation Scheme will be coming to them in 2018. Every Nigerian man or woman who find themselves in this crises will be adequately compensated.

Q: Can you take us through the scandal rocking Nigerian Embassy UK?

We know the British authorities are busy organizing their ‘Cobra meetings’. We are also busy studying the situation to know how to create a formula- mathematical formula to find a solution. I received a phone call from some distress Nigerians already detained by British Immigration that a Nigerian lady called Mrs. Ngere, Deputy Immigration Officer at Nigerian Embassy came into British Immigration Detention Center, having gone around other Immigration Centers earlier. Ngere gathered those Nigerians in each British Immigration Detention Center as a flock, with obvious happiness and relief on faces of those Nigerians. Those detained Nigerians had the feeling that at last another high-ranking Nigerian from the Embassy had come to help them diplomatically. Ngere’s response was: ‘You are a Nigerian, you need to return to Nigeria’. Unfortunately, she issued Traveling Document, TC, to British Immigration to deport Nigerians, even after they (the Nigerians) protested. We believe Ngere could not have come there so boldly without the support of her boss (Chief Immigration Officer). I believe Ngere and the Chief Immigration Officer are traitors to the Nigerian people. It is a huge shame that Ngere for several years have been living on blood-money by regularly collecting 3,000 pounds per Deportee, head, issues Traveling Certificates to UK Border Agency. Our investigation confirmed that the British Government are no aware of this scandal, as names of these detained Nigerians to be deported are written on UK Border Agency document showing every deported Nigerians were handed the sum of 3,000 pounds each; where as this sum was always collected and blown by officials of Nigerian Embassy, while deported Nigerians are never allowed to remove their properties, nor given a dime.

Q: Why did you give stern warning to Richard Branson?

I am using this medium to openly warn Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Atlantic to steer clear from getting involved in this diplomatic crisis that is between Nigerians and Nigeria. We are warning him to ensure that none of his flights or pilot is allowed to convey Nigerian deportees to Nigeria on November 24,2015. If his pilots violate this Commonwealth treaty IBOM charter, he will be arrested, faces prosecution and be jailed. We are fully ready to legally fight him fight him from Nigerian courts to the highest World Court.

Q: What do you think Nigerian Federal Government can do in this regard?

I am calling on Nigerian Government to order them to resign from that job at Nigerian Embassy in the next 72 hours, because Nigerian uprising will stand shortly. And if Nigerian uprising stands, the Nigerian Embassy UK will need to be closed down. Due to the illegal act of Ngere, Nigerian Federal Government is automatically ordered to close down Nigerian Embassy here in UK in 72 hours for the time being; thereby giving us enough time to resolve this madness. We want to use the formula of International Federalistic Political Approach. Nigerian House ought to be a house of safety. But from indications enumerated, the decoy is not a safety. That woman will need to be disrobed. Even though it was a declaration that ‘Nigerians should no longer be Deported’ as Cobra-meeting is on course, what gave Ngere the power to go British Detention and meet Nigerians there? Nigerians there are lamenting, while Ngere said they should go back home. One of the detained Nigerians summed up courage to ask Ngere, ‘Have you see what Professor Alexia Thomas has done for us? She replied: ‘She collected one of the national newspaper publication and promised to read it. She said she will go through the publication. Ngere is a traitor, Ngere is automatically guilty of criminal offense. She needs to be recalled and demoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her appointment as Deputy Immigration Attache and that of the Chief Immigration Officer, V.E. Udoyen have to be revoked. They need to be returned back home to face the criminal court squarely. It is so absurd. This is insanity, this is abuse. This is abuse of humanity. Ngere is a lunatic and mentally unwell. We will teach her the lesson of a lifetime.

Q: Why do you think Ngere’s action, a diplomat in Nigerian Embassy is at crossroads with the position of Acting Nigeria’s High Commissioner?

Truth is Government bureaucracy is mostly ghostly operation. Don’t forget it was an Acting High Commissioner that made that historic pronunciation of hope for Nigerians. Ngere had long been working in Nigerian High Commission before the new diplomat was appointed an Acting Ambassador. The crank servant had been there for donkey years. She is still the person running the covert operation to enslave Nigerians. As such, Ngere viewed the pronunciation of the Acting Ambassador as ‘mere politics’. Like I said earlier, Ngere is an espionage. And being an espionage is a criminal offense. Ngere will need to be returned back to Nigeria immediately. She is a betrayal for going to British Immigration Detention centers, to ensuring Nigerians are deported by November 24. This is pure madness. I believe the only way this matter can be resolved is for Nigerian Government to close down the Nigerian House here in London. Federal Government have no choice. I call on Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari now to suspend all activities in Nigerian House in London. If Mr. President refuses to close the Embassy, angry Nigerian protesters will put the Embassy on fire. Code of knowledge has been unlocked and Nigerian uprising will stand. British pilots are banned from returning Nigerians migrants.

Q: What approach can Nigerian Government adopt to redress the wrongs being done to Nigeria?

President Buhari needs to adopt the International Federalistic Political Approach to put a final stop to these crises. Like I have repeatedly said: Nigerian Embassy in London needs to be closed down for now. In the International Federalistic Political Approach, I sent a strong warning to Virgin Atlantic Airlines owned by Sir Richard Branson. Ignorance is not an excuse in law. I have brought the knowledge through the International Bill of Patriot Mandate, IBOPM. Divine law cannot claim to be in denial. As such, the planes of November 24, 2015 arranged to carry arrested Nigerians must not leave United Kingdom. By applying the International Federalistic Political Approach, the pilots cannot claim he is in denial. The pilots who conveyed them will be arrested at the airport. Virgin Atlantic Airline is seriously warned. They should not make the mistake of preparing Nigerians to be deported back home. Virgin Atlantic Airlines should not make mistake of taking any Nigerian nation to Nigeria. By the time we adopt International Federalistic Political Approach, the pilots who conveyed them will be arrested. Come November 24, Virgin Atlantic Airlines are not allowed to carry Nigerian migrants on chattered flights to Nigeria. If that happens, Virgin Atlantic Airlines will be seized and grounded at the airport. The pilots who convey them will be arrested at the airport. The only way the plane can be returned is for another pilot to fly it back to the owner in UK. The next pilot who knowingly knows truth, knows the Treaty- Article 9, 13 and 15 of UDHR, will know that this is a confederalism call. Those pilots that carry Nigerians from UK to Nigeria will be guilty of espionage, they will be guilty of treason, they will be guilty of aiding and abetting and would be guilty of conspiracy. We will use this International Federalistic Approach to check this insanity of political gangsterism once and for all. As the pilots entered into Nigeria, the Nigerian justice should be upheld. The pilots should be arrested and moved straight into custody. The only way those pilots would be released will be for the airlines to pay the government 500,000 pounds, regarded as penalty fee. If the airlines cannot produce 500,000 pounds after 72 hours would be extended to another 48 hours for the airlines to produce the sum of 500,000 for the pilots to be released. If the airlines refused to comply after five days, the pilots would be charged to the Magistrate Court. Since law is the advocate of truth, there will be no need dilly-dallying on this matter of serious national security. The judge already knows the Treaty has been breached. So, taking the pilots to the criminal court is just for the judge to pronounce judgment and conviction on the issue; where there will be no trial. Don’t forget that those pilots would have only five days to be taking before criminal justice courts where judgment would be served on them. As the pilots are being sentenced, the judge give them 3 years in imprisonment on the Nigerian soil. Once the pilots are sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, what will happen is the pilots would need to serve the 3 years sentence, as they are already criminals by the law they have breached. After the pilots conviction, the airlines would not be able to get them (pilots) not to serve that prison sentence until they pay the Nigerian Immigration Border Control the sum of 3million pounds. The pilots would genuinely do their prison terms. The only option available for the pilots not to do their prison terms is when their airlines have paid the sum of 3million pounds into the account of the Nigerian Immigration Border Control. Abuja has no choice but to adhere to the mandate because a criminal offense has been committed against Nigeria as a nation. Injustice to one is an injustice to all. Once the Lagos border, Abuja border sight through their binocular lens that Nigerians are being deported at the airport from UK, they should swing and drive to the planes, take the pilots down and handcuff them. This process is called International Federalistic Political Approach. Don’t forget, if crime is committed, there is no diplomacy anymore.

Q: How many Nigerians are presently in those British Immigration Detention Centers that UK Border Agency are planning to deport by November 24?

Chartered flights of Virgin Atlantic Airlines are planning to deport 500 Nigerians each to Nigeria. If Richard Branson cannot warn, stop his airlines from participating in this lawlessness, we would wreck Branson. I can assure you that Branson’s empire will collapse. That means his empire is founded upon dehumanization of man. We are at war with Virgin Atlantic Airlines. He needs to get his books right. If he needs to keep his pitching, he needs to get his airlines out of this game because the game is over through the International Bill of Patriot Mandate, IBOPM.

Q: Don’t you think Ngere, a Nigerian top diplomat in UK had been in this dirty espionage business that ridicules Nigeria and Nigerians in the eyes of International Community?

Truth is, Ngere had been a traitor, espionage against the national interest of Nigeria since 2008. There is another Immigration Officer in Nigerian Embassy UK called Mr. Ogosi who initiated this crazy act in 2008. Ogosi started then by receiving 10,000 pounds on heads of each Nigerian deportee from UK Border Agency, issued Traveling Certificates (TC) so that those Nigerians would be deported without collecting a dime. Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs need to recall Ngere’s appointment, arrest and prosecute her for being an espionage, traitor, betrayal to the interest of Nigerians abroad. Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari should honor our 72 hours ultimatum and shut Nigerian Embassy, if not no one should held responsible when Nigerian protesters, protesters and angry Nigerians set fire on Nigerian House. If Buhari refuses: then don’t blame us in any way.

Q: Really, Ogosi collected 10,000 pounds per head of Nigerian deportee from UK Border Agency?

Ogosi was Chief Immigration Officer at Nigerian Embassy in 2008. Also, there was Mr. Oniwo, was the Minister of Welfare by that time. Then, Nigerians facing various British Immigration threats in UK cried unto me, and we took the matter up. I have been in this underground battle since 2008. Ogosi was neck deep into this criminally orchestrated fraud. When UK Border Agency realized the 10,000 pounds per Nigerian deportee head was too much, they now started giving him 3,500 pounds per Nigerian deportee head. Let me inform you that before the investigation arrived our Independent Diplomat Commission, IDC, I was already doing an undercover information gathering. That was why I was conspired against and sent to prison, with a belief that I know so much of their illegal operation and secrets.

Q: Take us through your ‘Prison Notes’ grand conspiracy experience

UK Border Agency and fraudulent diplomats in Nigerian Embassy UK never knew their ‘set up’ and facilitation of my been sent to prison would make me emerge the greatest Nigerian born, British citizen in the whole of UK running a registered political party. In 2008, I heard the tears, cries of Nigerians to save them from deportation and dehumanization. It was so annoying. Ogosi collected 3,500 pounds on the heads of every deported Nigerian from UK Border Agency. For the records, UK Border Agency are contractors. The border territorial security of UK was given to a private contractor in the name of UK Border Agency. Then, I began to petition the British Government, under the leadership of Gordon Brown, the retired Prime Minister. I asked Gordon in my petition why the bidding of UK territorial contract should be given to a private company in the name of UK Border Agency, since the police, army and navy officers were all in place. I insisted in my several correspondence that the UK territorial contract should not be handed out to Marshals, where there institutionalized armed forces on ground. Armed Forces had no job because there was no war. I started fighting since then since I saw the destruction of Commonwealth nation. I saw Apocalypse of Judaism coming and I knew that if did not do something extra-ordinary the Marshals would rubbish British Government to give them access to hold guns, by that they would start entering the homes and endangering the lives of every black man in UK. Marshals’ plan was to torment and destroy humanity. I saw that those Marshals who were not proper institutions, but private contractors. How could the British Government allow their huge borders to be policed by ordinary Marshals? I saw anarchy, I saw destruction, I saw war against humanity. And I knew the Marshals would start to lobby to hold ammunition. What could have happened was: the Marshals would come to the house of black people and scream ‘Open the door’. By the time the black man tries to defend himself, the Marshals would shoot him down, after claiming the black man was a threat to them. I saw the destruction in 2008 because the eyes that sees the wind, cries with the wind. I knew it was time to do something: I started educating the British Government never to give the Marshals access to British territorial control. But, after these boys (Marshals) got the big contract, they became outlaws-bandits. Their energies was so much, so uncontrollable. The Marshals started setting up law regulating bodies and so many stupid things. Then, they began to set up various poisonous traps for me and the Commonwealth people. That led to my arrest and prison notes experience, where the judge acknowledged: “You are an embodiment of Law”. At the end, then Head of Marshal was sacked, while the boys(Marshal foot soldiers) remained, carrying out illegal operations daily.

At that time, UK Government had already began a good relationship with the European Union, EU. As those outlawed-bandits Marshals came into operation, the Commonwealth lawyers were terrified because when they come Abroad, they found it difficult to repeat themselves. The Europeans want to usurp the powers of the British legal system by bringing regulations. While all of these were happening, the EU Treaty came to the fore. The EU Treaty is not a Universal Treaty, but Commonwealth Treaty is a Universal Treaty. The EU Treaty is for some European countries, while the Commonwealth Treaty is for 96 countries. Universal Treaty is mandated by United Nations. Universal Treaty was endorsed in 1948 because after the 2nd World War the European Union was still angry to destroy the British Kingdom, the EU re-enacted their own Treaty in 1950 and plagiarized their own Treaty from Universal Treaty of 1948. Operation syllabus that lawyers were coming to the law school to learn in UK took off from social study. European Union Treaty is meant for the European people, not the Commonwealth people. This monstrous action went on for several years. The European lawyers lost their Mythology, they had no legal frameworks. The children born in 1948 era were not allowed to see social study then as a true Mythology that should be followed. That was why Commonwealth people then were destroyed.

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