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LARGEST NUDIST CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN AMERICA! Weird Internet Church in Florida where Pastor, Members Naked…Nudity, Nudist, Sex allowed * Congregation claims: ‘God looks only at the Heart’ * Membership attracts $15 per person!


Weird Internet Church in Florida where Pastor, Members Naked…Nudity, Nudist, Sex allowed

* Congregation claims: ‘God looks only at the Heart’ * Membership attracts $15 per person * Receives Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, Transsexual & Lesbians * Recruits Nude Women, Hot Girls from 18 years above * Membership Form Attached

* ‘We’re against Death Penalty, Life Jail of our Teenagers’Church PastorNaked member church a



CERTAINLY, this world is gradually coming to an end going by several strange activities happening around us. Worse still, are ‘strange doctrines, religions’ that have entered into the ‘hallowed House of God’, such that we now hear and see ‘abominable and unimaginable things.’ As the Holy Scripture rightly puts is: “Judgment begins in the House of God.” We are just wondering at our latest discoveries in ‘Naked Church Live’, a-10 year old mega-church turns movement with branches across the globe listed as one of the 10 best Internet churches, now number one nudist Christian church in the world. The church which operates from its headquarters in Lake Worth is regarded the largest Christian Internet church worldwide where each member wear a huge cross as a mark of identity.

Recruits Girls from 18 years Old, Pay $15

Naija Standard undercover reporter stumbled upon the manifesto of ‘Naked church live’ where it was discovered that ‘Rosales’ is considered the number one local naked church live. Their manifesto reads: “We are in every town, every city and every part of the world. We at naked church live are available every day, everywhere, to anyone. So join us at naked church live today, become a member and see free videos of naked women. Join us for less than $15 a month and also have access to our chat room and blog where you can discuss anything you like about naked church live or any other church or anything else. Just remember naked church live is a church. No curse words and you will never see any sex, just nude women and nude girls all 18 or over. Join us at naked church live and change the world, change how other people view nudist people, nude churches and all kinds of other topics. We at naked church live thank you for visiting us – now join us! The only reason you’re here is because God chose you to be here at naked church live so make the next step and join us and become a member. We hope naked church live will be your new nudist church. God bless you all.”

Undress and enjoy latest naked news-Pastor

One of the pastors (names withheld) reportedly said “Naked church live is the only naked news Christian church on the Internet. Naked news topics includes: naked news on nudist camps throughout the world. Also we report naked news on all types of the youth and teen naked news and any and all naked news on naked topics.

“We at naked church live will also be reporting on naked news throughout our church since we are one of the world’s largest Internet churches and we are the number one naked news church in the world. Naked church live does have the number one largest naked news blog in the world. When you become a member you can enter all kinds of naked news and information and you can also keep us informed with naked news in our chat room.


Naked chat rooms


The pastor’s statement read further “Between our chat room and our blog in our Junior pastor’s segment, you will find we are the number one naked news website in the world. Period! Click on any picture or text for naked news on all topics. You can contact us at any time, also with naked news. So become a member and be informed on all the Christian naked news throughout the world. We at naked church live thank all of our nudist friends for the information and input to help us report to naked news. As we at naked church live increase our membership our naked news will keep increasing. We are the number one naked news now, but that is not good enough.


“We at naked church live as Christians, always trying to improve ourselves and we will with information from the only Christian naked news mega Internet website. Gentleman, Ladies, undress and enjoy all of the naked news you would possibly want right here at naked church live with over 10 years of experience and many  nude people throughout the world. We surely will continue to be the number 1 Naked News place. So sign in to naked church live, this is a Christian church with plenty of nude women. Sometimes, we are topless. Sometimes clothed, and they will do a little striptease to bring you closer to Christianity. So you can get news, news, news, that is Christian news hot off the press. We are from hot naked girls to women.”


Below are the core principles of the church (Unedited)

“Nudity/ Nudist and sex are 100% okay in God’s eyes and our church’s eyes (with in the laws of the land.) God and our church does not require for you to give 10% of your salary or 8 or 5%, to the church, you can keep 99%, just that you should help other people, financially or any other way.(4 or 5 dollars a week to your church for miscellaneous expenses is fine.)

“God and our Church is 100% against the Death Penalty, and incarcerated of our Children (Teenagers and Youth) in jail for life. Freedom of choice, in reference to abortions is 100% between the person and God. (Not the Church, News Network or the Government.)

“God and our church except all, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, lesbians are all the same. Naked church live.com has chosen not to be tax exempt, we don’t believe in the separation of church and state. We believe our churches have a duty to speak out. Not to remain quiet because of the tax exemption.

“All members of naked church live.com are anonymous, unless they choose otherwise because we are anonymous. We are everywhere and through this church we will speak out as a group and we make changes with the help of all anonymous members.

“Change the world understanding of the Bible and other mankind rules. Your ideas or suggestions could be here as a member.

Comments freely welcome

This pastor said “Come on, don’t be shy, this is all anonymous, enter your thoughts, about anything, just please keep it under 500 words and refrain from using any four letter words, we are a church. But you can talk about anything, it off your chest you’ll feel better and you may educate somebody, and prevent them from making the same mistakes, or maybe we can help you understand what you did was not really wrong. We are not here to judge you, only God can judge, we are here to help you, understanding you, and just make you feel better as a child of God. So come on, when you waiting for? Express yourself! Or make helpful comments on other confessions. Constructive criticism is always good. Thank you in advance for your confessions and all comments because without you we wouldn’t be here. And we are all here together as a family because God chose us to be here. Tell your friends & send them a link to this website. Help us grow!”



Membership Form for Girls, Women

Auditions / Volunteers If You Want to Audition to Become a Junior Pastor and Volunteer Your Services than Donate a Free Video Audio, It will Not Be Returned and will Be the Property of Naked Church Live.com. ,so Remember That This Is a Free Audition. You Will Not Get Paid for This One but in the Future You May. So If You Are Interested Submit Several Full-Bodied Pictures and Several Smiling Shots, With Your Videotape. “So Get out There, Get Shooting!”       * “Copy & Paste” or Retype Agreement Exactly As Is.         I_____________________________ certify that I am 18 years old or older also my audition tape and or any other tapes photographs belong solely to naked church live.com and /or naked church Inc.. I understand I will not be compensated with cash or anything else for this movie and audio tape and photographs. No other promises have been made to me. Naked church live.com and or naked church Inc. may use the tapes, movies and /or photographs of myself however they see fit. Also in addition to, promote, advertise, web design, solicits contributions for the business. I enclose a copy of my photo ID to confirm that I am 18 years old or older. I certify that the above statement is true and complete.

Signature:_______________Date:_____ Date of Birth________

Print name:______________________Full address: E-Mail Address          Don’t forget a color copy of your Picture ID 

 Please Send to: Naked Church Live.com, PO Box 541381, Lake Worth, FL 33454-1381

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