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BREAKING NEWS: Obasanjo Farm’s Chickens Flood United States…African Stores in Texas make Fortune from Sale *Ota Farm Rakes in $250,000 Daily as Proceeds *Nigeria’s former President Net Worth hits $1.3billion *Why He Can Never Be Probed, Poor Again *PLUS: Squanders Sani Abacha’s N100billion Loot

Obasanjo Farm’s Chickens Flood United States…African Stores in Texas make Fortune from Sale

*Ota Farm Rakes in $250,000 Daily as Proceeds

*Nigeria’s former President Net Worth hits $1.3billion

*Why He Can Never Be Probed, Poor Again

*PLUS: Squanders Sani Abacha’s N100billion Loot



HE’S regarded in Diplomatic circles and among members of International Community as a ‘Fox’, ‘a cat with Nine Lives.’ Nigeria’s former president Olusegun Obasanjo is not just intelligent, but endowed with profound native wisdom to navigate the vicissitudes of life. He’s highly passionate about Nigeria’s progress, which is why he find it extremely difficult to keep mute and not pass his own comment on ‘Nigeria’s State of the Nation’. By all standards, he is a billionaire, a farmer, an entrepreneur and smart businessman. As at today, all over North America, Texas precisely where the highest number of Africans in America reside, Obasanjo Farm’s frozen chicken has become a household name as the majority of Africans always ensure they place order and buy the chickens to have a ‘feel’ of Nigerian true delicacy.


Our correspondent observed that due to high demand of Obasanjo Farm’s chicken by majority of Africans and many Mexicans, the chickens are mostly sold-out. From famous African shops like ‘Africana International Market’, Asafo Market’ and South West Farmers’ Market, only the latter sell Obasanjo Farm’s chicken which has become one of the selling strengths for South West Farmers’ Market. From Houston, Grand Prairie to Arlington in Texas where South West Farmers’ Market have branches, Africans and Mexicans are often on long queue to purchase this deliciously-tasty chicken.


Chatting with one of the employees of South West Framers’ Market (who would not want his name in print since he is not permitted to speak to the press) confessed that since the arrival of Obasanjo Farm’s chicken into their stores, sales have tripled which made all the staff happy.

His words: “Lots of Africans and Mexicans visit our stores regularly to buy Obasanjo Farm’s chicken, Snail, Fresh fish, Meat-pie, fresh tomatoes, yams, Garri, Fufu, Yam Flour and other African food items which will sell at affordable rates. We have heard from many Africans’ feedback that thy use Obasanjo Farm’s chicken to prepare sweet soup and stew. Since 6 months ago, we have noticed that lots of Mexicans who patronize us always place order for Obasanjo Farm’s chicken. It is good to know we are selling fast and making waves in North America. We accept all credit and debit cards for purchase of groceries.”


But on our numerous visits to Africana International Market, we observed the store does not sell Obasanjo Farm’s chicken, but specialize in selling Ijebu Garri, Fufu, Ewedu, Overseas phone cards, Nigerian designed jeweleries. Their strength lies in Overseas money transfer service to Nigerians sending money directly into their loved ones.

In Asafo market, there is no trace of Obasanjo Farm’s chicken in their fridge, but you conspicuously see Cow Skin (Ponma), Turkey, Ola Ola Fufu, Wheat, Ghana Garri, Kenke, Yam, various condiment for soup delicacy and Ghana’s clothes on sale.

Ota Farm Rakes in $250,000 Daily as Proceeds

Meanwhile, Otta Farm, a huge agricultural estate owned by Obasanjo provided jobs for 6,000 youths instead of them (the youths) being idle. OBJ as fondly called put this initiative into action so that the youths can channel their energies into worth-while ventures instead of being National Security risks. This position was reportedly echoed by Elder Daniel Atsu, Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer for Obasanjo Holdings Ltd, parent body for Obasanjo Farm when he said: “The decision of the former president to invest in the country is aimed at creating huge jobs for the youths. This is why OBJ created 6, 000 jobs in Otta Farm for the youths.”

Some years ago, a statement credited to Obasanjo through one of the news media revealed that the president’s farm makes an average of $250,000 a day which calls for celebration and a thorough review. At the then exchange rate of 138 Naira to a dollar the General must be making over 34.5 million Naira per day and with an average of five working days the farming is grossing 172.5million Naira a week, with 50 weeks of work excluding 2 weeks to clean up and maintain the farm the Ota farm must be grossing averagely 8.3 billion Naira in a year. You can imagine how much Otta Farm is making now that the exchange rate of One dollar goes for N345! The above analysis makes the farm one of the most lucrative businesses in Africa.

That means with a lucrative investment that yields over 57 billion annual revenue, it would not be out of place to assume that this company is actively playing it’s social responsibilities in Ota community, giving scholarships to Ota indigenes, participating in community, schools and police developments within that community. Certainly, this company is assumed to be actively involved in keeping Ota in the fore front of Nigeria economic advancement.

According to World Bank, Nigeria is classified as mixed economy emerging market, which has reached lower middle-income status. It’s the 5oth largest export market for United States’ goods and the 14th largest exporter of goods to the US. The Nigerian Stock Exchange is the second largest in Africa and Nigeria was once ranked 30th in the world in terms of GDP. Today, Nigeria is the US’ largest trading partner in sub-Saharan Africa and supplies a fifth of its oil.


OBJ Squanders Sani Abacha’s N100billion Loot

When providence entrusted Nigeria into the hands of Obasanjo in 1999 as a Civilian President, he received from General Abdusalam Abubakar, a former Nigerian Head of States, properties worth N100 billion, including cash items of $625,263,187.19; 75,306,886.93 pounds sterling and N100,000,000; yet refused till date to account for the money or the properties. These Properties/Assets belonging to Late General Sani Abacha are: Plot 135(A6), House No. 12, Zaire Crescent, Maitama; Plot 574 (A4), Yakubu Gowon Crescent near ECOWAS Secretariat, Asokoro; Plot 2824 (A6), Block No. 17, along Danube Street, Maitama; Plot 650 (A6), Rhine Street, Maitama; Plot 1487 (A4), Justice Mamman Nasir Street; Plot 2480 (A6) Alvan Ikoku Street, Maitama; Plot 636 Adeyemo Alakija Street, Victoria Island (Cowry House). Finally, 30 per cent shares valued at $420,000 USD, in West African Refinery, Sierra Leone (Purchased from UNIPETROL).

In addition to the properties listed there were the following cash items: $625,263,187.19; 75,306,886.93 pounds sterling and N100,000,000. In those days with the US dollar exchanging for N130 per dollar and a pound fetching N250, the total Abacha loot alone Abubakar handed to Obasanjo’s government was about N100 billion. That was just from the first set of loot found in Nigeria. You can imagine how much fund and properties were forfeited by Abacha’s National Security Adviser, Ismaila Gwarzo, Mohammed Abacha, Abdulkadir Abacha, Alhaji Bashir Dalhatu and Chief Tony Ani. Then you will begin to understand why Obasanjo does not want a probe of the Abacha loot.


Nigeria’s former President Net Worth hits $1.3billion

A recent Net Review of World’s Head of State online by an International Review panel showed that Nigeria’s Obasanjo have a Net Worth of $1.3 billion and many of his co-ex Presidents live as billionaires. Truth is, Presidents of many nations are millionaires and even billionaires. Sometimes this is from the wealth needed to obtain political position, and sometimes it is the result of taking a high percentage of the wealth in the country as personal assets. In many countries, simply doing business in that country requires payments to officials in order to keep the process moving. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is worth $9.4 billion, hence Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo is worth $1.3 billion. President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is worth $3 billion.


Why He Can Never Be Probed, Poor Again

As at today, Obasanjo is more highly adored and respected outside the shores of Nigeria, which was unanimously, he was appointed Chairman of council of world ex-presidents. OBJ made history as the first African to be appointed at the 32nd annual plenary meeting of world ex-presidents in Newport, United Kingdom recently. He took over from Franz Vranitzky who was a former chancellor of Austria from 1986-1996 before he later became chairman of world ex-presidents chairman on 1st July 2010 and served till June 2015. Being the Chairman of World ex-Presidents, with strong Diplomatic contacts in United Nations, friend to every government in power in Nigeria and strong network in World Bank additionally to the fortune of $250, 000 daily generated as profits in Ota firm, it is crystal clear OBJ cannot probed and would never be poor again.

The InterAction Council of former Heads of State and Government was established in 1983 and it is an international organisation,whose objective is to address political,economic and social problems confronting humankind.


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