2015 ELECTIONS: FROM NOLLYWOOD TO POLITICS! Bisola Iyasara, becomes Spokesperson for Jibola’s House of Reps…Says ‘I’m here to serve the people for good governance’ *Echoes: “My clarion call to National Service has no correlation with being a Celebrity Hair Stylist” *Confesses: “No Situation will ever make me act nude in Hollywood or anywhere” *Her words: “I love Nigeria and I am very close to the people”


 Bisola Iyasara, becomes Spokesperson for Jibola’s House of Reps…Says ‘I’m here to serve the people for good governance’

 *Echoes: “My clarion call to National Service has no correlation with being a Celebrity Hair Stylist”

*Confesses: “No Situation will ever make me act nude in Hollywood or anywhere”

*Her words: “I love Nigeria and I am very close to the people”

 Bisola Ada Iyasara, British born Nigerian lady of many parts is a former beauty queen, hair specialist consultant. She’s a workaholic and an amiable lady among others. In this exclusive interview with GEORGE ELIJAH OTUMU/Editor-in-Chief, Bisola always shuttling New York and United Kingdom (UK) narrates her call into national service as spokesperson for Jibola Dabo, a major Nollywood actor contesting for House of Reps in Ondo State constituency and other sundry issues.


Do you think selling hair with Jibola Dabo political face is demeaning to Jibola’s status?

Bisola final No not at all “Bisola Hair” is a well organized hair beauty enterprise. It is a successful professional business outfit with unique management structure. Hence, it is not dependent on external influence – political or otherwise to market the products.

My employees are professional trained to run the business in the absence of Jibola. I, Bisola Iyasara would like to make it very clear that my acceptance to serve as spokesperson of Jibola’s political agenda has no pecuniary motive but my little way of furthering good governance, equity and justice in my country. My business must be separated from this clarion call to serve my people through Jibola. Despite the high level clientele which my business enjoys around the world, it is not necessary to conjure any form of sentiment in connection with this project.


I have mentioned it severally that I share similar political ideology, philosophy and democratic values with Jibola. It is basically on this personal conviction that I made myself available for the service.



You are into so many projects all at the same time. Can you let us into your present project?


I have indeed ventured into so many things but the most over- shadowing of them all is “Bisola Hair”. As you know, “Bisola Hair” is a successful and famous outfit operating in the United States, Europe and Africa. I am also a motivational speaker among others but presently am a spokesperson and Coordinator of Jibola Dabo’s election into Nigeria’s Lower Parliamentary chamber. It is a responsibility that I have accepted with all humility and commitment. I am proud to be part of history in the making because Jibola will re-define “representation” of his people as he steps into the Federal House of Representative in 2015. This is my newest project.


Against 2015 elections, you have been chosen as a spokesperson for an intending House of Reps candidate from Ondo State. How do you hope to achieve it?


As I said, I accepted the offer for obvious reasons. In a recent interview that I granted “The Nigerian Voice”, I was asked the same question and the answer is simple. In the first instance, I and Jibola share similar political ideology. Both of us have a lot of interest in people’s wellbeing in the society; have passion for helping the helpless and defending the defenseless in our midst.


We represent good causes; the homeless, youth, women and all the underprivileged. We share common life philosophy as it affects our people. Having the knowledge of the direction that Jibola will be navigating towards when he is elected in 2015, makes the whole project more simplified. Remember that Jibola is a Nollywood legendary actor known to every home in Nigeria. He is a man of high integrity, full of kindness and a defender of the defenseless. His choice to channel his resources and energy to humanity has even made the job much easier for me and the entire team.


The brand “JIBOLA” is already a success. It is worth mentioning that in Owo/Ose constituency, which is the constituency that he will represent from 2015, many youths, men and women have volunteered to support his campaign team. I am overwhelmed at the commitment and support of his candidacy at this early stage of the project. With a formidable team on ground and massive support of Owo people and the “Person” of Jibola it is a mission accomplished.



What political background do you think you have to have prepared you for this assignment?


Though I have been associated more with the business world, however, I have always been a political activist in my own rating. I share and practice the same political principles of Madiba Nelson Mandela in his words: “Let there be justice for all. Let there be peace for all. Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all. Let each know that for each the body, the mind and the soul have been freed to fulfill themselves.” I have always tried not to be hypocritical about my political activities. Being a full-fledged Nigerian of a Yoruba father and an Igbo mother and having familiarized myself with the political history of our great country, I think that I have charged my political battery enough to deliver Jibola at the election.



How do you combine this new responsibility with your hair style business?


The new responsibility and my existing business will not obstruct the operations of each other. “Bisola hair” is a highly organized business outfit with special focus on customer care. It will continue to uphold its operational principles while I attend to the present project. The “balancing art” has already been perfected.


What are some of the evergreen moments you attained in your hair business firm?


There are lots of those moments in my business life. When I watch Nollywood Awards and see celebrities wearing my hair products, it’s a great feeling. When Nigerian socialites’ celebrities and other highly placed classy ladies in the business and political world are wearing my products, it registers such fantastic moments.


Would you have agreed if after being paid $50,000 to act nude in a Nollywood or Hollywood movie?


I am a lady with a lot of respect, dignity, traditional, cultural and Christian values and consciousness. I cannot mortgage my core values for any material value. I believe that no situation will even attract such question towards me.



Who are your major clients in the hair business?


I have a lot of governors’ wives/daughters, socialites, Nigerian Nollywood Actresses celebrities buying the “Bisola Hair”.  “Bisola Hair” is a professional brand. We protect the names of our big clients, as a lot of these ladies do not want people to know there are hair secrets that they are wearing Bisola gorgeous Hair.  I can tell you the ladies that have given me permission to use their names in this interview: Senator Florence Ita Giwa, Nollywood Actress Ini Edo.



 What fascinates you most about Nigeria?


Nigeria is my country and I must confess that everything about it fascinates me; the people, the culture, the weather, the food. I could go on forever. I love Nigeria, and I am very close to my Yoruba & Igbo side of the family. Each time I go back to Nigeria the hospitality that I receive from my family is amazing.


What are the lessons that life has taught you?


Always be honest, treat people how you would like to be treated, be respectful, never burn your bridges because you never know tomorrow.


Do you have phobia for 2015 elections? If yes, what are your reasons?


I have no reason to develop phobia for 2015 election. The Federal government is determined to make the election a credible one and I believe them. The INEC is highly determined to conduct a “one man/woman, one vote. That is why we are very confident that our candidate, Jibola will ascend the throne come 2015. It will be an “issue” based election where the electoral value of the candidate will depend on what he sincerely has to offer. It will be a new political chapter for the people in Owo because Jibola will bring hope in place of fear.


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