About Us

Naija Standard Newspaper is an online publication dedicated to the robust practise of investigative journalism, where all sides of stories are reflected.

The Editorial Board members are: George Elijah Otumu (Chairman), Emmanuella Johnson, Special Correspondent in New York, USA (member) and Samson Shoaga, Managing Editor, Nigeria (member).

Otumu is a multiple award-wining journalist with wealth of experience in investigative reportage. He worked in Nigerian print journalism for 15 years, Ghana as a practising journalist for a period of four years and South Africa for six years. He’s a recipient of MNA Award in 1999, African Entertainment Editor of the Year Award in Brussels, Belgium in 1996, Journalist of the Year (Future Awards) and UN Media Ambassador of the Year in 2010, among others. He is a member of several press unions: Nigerian Union of Journalist (NUJ), Commonwealth Press Union (CPU), South African Press Association (SAPA) and West African Press Association (WAPA) among others.