BREAKING: PROPHETIC REVELATION! ‘God says Jonathan should not Contest 2015 Presidential Election’-Apostle Charles Osazuwa, Senior Pastor, Rock of Ages Christian Assembly *Warns: “He should vacate Aso Rock by then. But, if he contests, I see…” *During RCCG House on the Rock 13th Anniversary in United States *Confesses: “Nigeria’s Destiny is tied to 2015 Elections” * Explains: “Nigeria’s President under the grace of God Period”

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WARNING has come the way of Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan by Apostle Charles Osazuwa, General Overseer of ‘Rock of Ages Christian Assembly’, a prophet and an endowed ‘man-of-God’ gifted with the ‘words-of-knowledge’ like late Pastor Benson Idahosa, who revealed in a clear tone that God wants Jonathan to back out of his aspiration to contest the 2015 Presidential election, stating that Nigeria’s destiny is tied to 2015 elections.


His Spiritual Warning

In the words of Osazuwa, a man blessed with ‘gift of the season’, he said: “God showed me. He revealed to me that by 2015, Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan should not contest the presidency and should vacate Aso Rock by then. I heard God speak; he said Jonathan should back down for the peace of the country.


Nigeria’s Destiny tied to 2015 Elections

Speaking during the 13th Annual Anniversary of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Grand Praire, Texas, Osazuwa said: “Sure, I can tell you that Jonathan is under a covenant by God. He is under the grace of God and directly under God’s coverage. If he should mistakenly contest the 2015 Presidential Election, I see danger because the nation’s destiny is tied to this election.

Jonathan’s Covenant with God

Naija Standard observed according to Osazuwa message that “Jonathan had a covenant with God. He is enjoying the grace and under God’s protection. He needs to leave that place when the ovation is loudest. Don’t forget that when he was Deputy Governor, the Governor gave way. He was Deputy President, acting President and the President gave way. Now, that he is President and about to complete his tenure; no one else would give way for him. He should just leave. He that has ears, let him ears what the spirit of God is telling the church. I know several men of God are praying for him.”





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