‘British Prime Minister’s Destructive Agenda for Commonwealth Citizens Exposed’-Prof Alexia Thomas, Chairman, TCLP UK *Says: ‘Stop planned Chartered Flight Deportation January’ 26*Echoes: ‘Unlawful Deportation of Commonwealth Citizens Breaches Article 9 of UDHR 1948’*Fumes: ‘Instruct your Sec. of State/Immigration to Cancel Titan Airline Chattered Flight’*Explains: ‘Invasion of Commonwealth Citizens’ privacy violates Article 9, 12, 13, 15 of UDHR’*EXPOSED: ‘British Mercenaries illegally Arrest Commonwealth people in Homes, Bus Stations, Train Stations, Point of Death-deny them Medical Treatment’*Vows: ‘I’m Willing to Evacuate Four Million Coloured People decently from UK, Safely Re-integrated into their Families back Home’

'British Prime Minister's Destructive Agenda 
for Commonwealth Citizens Exposed'-Prof. Alexia

*Says: 'Stop planned Chartered Flight Deportation
 January 26'
*Echoes: 'Unlawful Deportation of Commonwealth Citizens Breaches Article 9
of UDHR 1948'
*Fumes: 'Instruct your Sec. of State/Immigration to Cancel Titan Airline
Chattered Flight'
*Explains: 'Invasion of Commonwealth Citizens' privacy violates Article 9,
12, 13, 15 of UDHR'
*EXPOSED: 'British Mercenaries illegally Arrest Commonwealth people in
Homes, Bus Stations, Train Stations, Point of Death-deny them Medical
*REVEALED: Unpublished Atrocities of British PM Busted, Conservative Party
face Uprising
*Fraud: 'Britain drains Commonwealth Nations their Petroleum & Gas for
Selfish Development'
*Vows: 'I'm Willing to Evacuate Four Million Coloured People decently from
UK, Safely Re-integrated into their Families back Home'

*QUOTES: “The birth of The Commonwealth Liberation Party is the
Enforcement of the Rule of Law centred at the Controllable of Queen
Elizabeth I, of the 15th Century of Great Britain”-Prof. Alexia Thomas
*“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”-Martin Luther King
*“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent Injustice, but there
must never be a time when we fail to protest”-Elie Wiesel
*“The highest reach of Injustice is to be deemed  just when you are
*“A kingdom founded on Injustice never Lasts”-Seneca


NATIONAL Injustice is the surest road to national downfall”, postulates
William Ewart Gladstone (1808-1898). Going by this apt philosophy duly
captured in the evergreen words of Gladstone, a foremost British Liberal
politician who knew how the mindset of the British Government operates,
since he served four times as British Prime Minister more than any other
person and later served as Chancellor of Exchequer four times
periodically; it would not be out of place or a coincidence to say that he
knew all the injustice office of the British Prime Minister coerces down
the throat of the Commonwealth citizens whose only crime is black colour
of their skin.

Enraged with anger, a frontline and most-outspoken British opposition
government, The Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP, chaired by Professor
Alexia Thomas, a passionate human right advocate, leading the movement of
freedom for the entire Commonwealth nations race addressed a world press
conference in London some hours ago, where she demystifies the
administration of David Cameron, British Prime Minister, exposed all the
Legislative Confraternity on-going in Conservative Party.

Unlawful Deportation Of Commonwealth Citizens
Most important in her media briefing was a strong warning Professor Thomas
sent to this occupier of No. 10 Downing Street, London. Her words: “Your
Unlawful Deportation Of Commonwealth Citizens Out Of The UK On The 26th
And 27th January 2016, Breaches Article 9 Of The UDHR 1948, Commonwealth
Citizens Chartered Flight Deportation A Covert Operation In Promiscuity,
Prime Minister David Cameron And His Conservative Party Destruction Of The
Commonwealth Citizens In The UK Using Extra Judiciary Powers To Devalue
Their Race Of Civilization, Brainwashing Of The Commonwealth Nations
Government To Partake In Hate Crime Destruction Against Their Citizens
Breath Of Justice; UK Ruling Government Involvement In Bribery And
Corruption With Commonwealth Nations Government To Aid And Abet
Commonwealth Citizens False Removal From The United Kingdom.

The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) Pronounces this Declaration on
the 19th Day of January 2016 at 8.30pm as an Opposition Government, that
in Truth and in Sincerity that we are unable to cover up for the
Conservative Ruling Party Government secrecy of intention to declare War
of Destruction against the Commonwealth Nations and their Citizens. This
openness of Conservative Destruction Secrecy can be watch on YouTube
Titled - Commonwealth Freedom Liberty Rally 21st Century Mandate:

We The Commonwealth Liberation party (TCLP) declared before the People Of
United Kingdom and the World at large that the Ruling Government is
running a Fascist Style of Government and their decoyed Agenda is to
destroy the Nations of Commonwealth. The Truth is all Men and Women are
Equal by their Race no matter their Religion. The Commonwealth People in
the United Kingdom having been brainwashed to believe European Convention
of Human Rights (ECHR) 1950 protected them as advised by their Lawyers for
Point of defense, instead the Laws that stood their Justice is the
Universal Declarations of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948. The Commonwealth
Citizens have Rights to reside in the UK and their Rights to Life without
interference with their Privacies and Treaty violation of Articles 9, 12,
13, and 15.

British Prime Minister Insanity Mode
Describing the continual silence of British Prime Minister in face of
inhumanity, detention, oppression, arbitrary arrest and torture of the
coloured people as insanity, Professor Thomas thunders: “Prime Minister
David Cameron Is still refusing to speak. He Needs To Make Haste When The
Sun Shines As Ignorance Of His Government Promiscuity Is A State of
Insanity When Gullibility Fashions A Stinky Pride, So He Is Not Above The
Law Of Correctional Justice. Mr. Cameron, Who Do You Think You Are And
What Is Your Background That You Can Audaciously Allow The Destruction Of
The Commonwealth Citizens To Continue Till This Very Minute? How Can We
Lead In Blindness And Deafness When Power A Failure Of Indecency Will Not
Allow You To Use Your Common Sense?

Prime Minister David Cameron, If Common Sense Is Still Failing You, I
Call You To Look Deeper In The Reflection Of  Yourself, That Justice The
Will Of Commonwealth Citizens’ Freedom Cannot Be Robbed Of Them. No Man
Has The Right To Deny Another Man His Free Will Liberty To Be Free. No Man
Has The Power To Use Legislative Confraternity To Destroy The Race Of
Life, So You Will Agree With Me There Is No Smoke Without Fire. I Strongly
Advise You To Stop The Deportation Of The Commonwealth Citizens On A
Chartered Flight For The 26th And 27th January 2016, If Not The Wrath Of
Justice Will Stand Against You For Coming Against The British Empire Core
Values Whose Inheritance Of Commonwealth Nations Is The Reason Of
Existence. It saddens me that Labour Party is failing to defend the values
of the Commonwealth People because genuinely and sincerely the White Race
still hate the sights of the Black Race, but allowed them to flood Britain
to work as Labourers. The Flight For The 26th January Must Not Depart From
The UK, So I Request You Tell Your Secretary Of State And Immigration
Minister To Cancel Titan Airline Chartered Flight Arrangement.

Peaceful evacuation of Four million Commonwealth citizens back to their
This Chairman of Commonwealth Alliance Treaty Commission explained her
plans to provide peaceful evacuation of Four million Commonwealth citizens
back to their various nations, safely re-integrate them back into their
society. She said: “I am willing to evacuate Four (4) Million Coloured
People from the UK in the most decent way and not breaching Treaty of
Article 9 of UDHR 1948 which currently proves your Government and Style of
Leadership is Outlaw Bandit. Commonwealth Citizens Have Been Dishonoured
By Your Government And Since You Know Not Their Values, My Government The
TCLP Will See No Coloured People Slaved Anymore. Mr. Cameron, Trust Me,
You Will Beg To See A Blackman Visit The UK Because Your Disdain
Knowingly, Willfully And Premeditatedly Refused To Enforce The
Commonwealth Nations Government Pay Their Citizens Social Security Just As
The British People Are In Receipt.

The TCLP Is Willing To Swiftly Relocate The Coloured People Back To Their
Countries Of Sunshine, So They Can Appreciate Their Race As A People. The
Commonwealth Regeneration Brigadier Scheme Will Be Use By The ‘TCLP’ To
Evacuate The Commonwealth Citizens From The UK Back To Their Countries For
Nation Building Rather Than Your Government Continuing Disgrace Their
Commonwealth Citizens Deportation Must Not Proceed As This Action Is Not
Britain’s Will But Conservative Government’s Will To Destroy A Slaved
Continent Your Nation Tilled Their Wealth Of Greatness From.

Mr. Cameron, You Must Cancel The Chartered Flight For This Month And
Never Again To Allow Such Occur, If You Are A Genuine British, Actions
Expected Of You Is Not A Must But A Mandate Or Else The Commonwealth
Citizens Uprise Will Stand For Itself. You Must Stop The Deportation Of
The Commonwealth Citizens Or Else Failure Will Bring Fatal Retribution As
Your Citizens Are Equally Settled In The Commonwealth Nations, So Denial
Is Not An Option. This Press Statement Mandate Is Made Available On Our
Server So The People Of Great Britain Be Aware Of Our Position On Matters
Of Deliberate Harm To The People Of Commonwealth.

Mr. Cameron, This Decoy Is Overlooked By Your Government A Fascist
Movement. Conservative Party Is A Fascist Movement, So You Can Benefit In
A Conventional Slavery Of The Black Race Continual Movement To Britain,
You Decide The Bulk Of Migrants You Need And Throw Back The Human Excess
Back To Their Countries. Instead Of Promising To Build Them A Social
Welfare Scheme, You Pledged To Build Them Prisons In Your Destructive Mind
Eccentricism. You Need  And Must Check Yourself As Your Dangerousity Will
Make United Kingdom Wreck In Poverty. Your Mind Thinks of No Redress But
Destruction! The Coloured People Are Pride, But Because The UK Still Needs
Conventional Slaves In A Conventional Deceit Diplomacy, You Deny Their
Government Civilization Through Enforcing Them To Use Constitution When UK
Do Not Use Constitution.

Commonwealth Citizens scheming massacre by Cameron's mercenaries killing
On Commonwealth Citizens scheming massacre by Cameron's mercenaries
killing squad, this President of Independent Diplomat Commission in UK
said: “The Faith Of The Jews Massacred By The Nazis Is Beginning To Unfold
For The Citizens From Commonwealth Nations, As Gradually They Are Being
Hunted For Their Vulnerability, Charged For Offenses Not Committed By
Them, Sentenced To Prison For An Unjust Penalty, Killed Silently For The
Offenses Of The Children Of Anomalies, Made To Work Tirelessly, Made To
Work With No Hope Of Ever Claiming Their Benefits, Made Redundant In A
Country They Only Visited As Labourers And With No Option Of Passport Or A
Pass Issued To Them, They Have No Hope Of Ever Seeing Their Beloved
Country. Mr. Cameron, the Commonwealth Citizens are braising to take their
destinies in their Hands and if you think the Army or British Armed Forces
will bomb their Lands at your instruction, like you did to the Asian
Revolts, trust me this time the British Armed Forces will not obey your
Command. Watch: Pride Of Britain And Commonwealth, British Armed Forces
not meant for War - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5qtM9P3PrI

British Prime Minister's final plans to destroy the Commonwealth citizens
On British Prime Minister's plans to eventually destroy the Commonwealth
citizens and revoke their residency status, Professor Thomas angrily
listed out Cameron's evil agenda in phases by saying: “Those With No
Papers Are Returned To Their Countries, Those With Papers Are Not Allowed
To Renew Their Visas, Those With Residence Status have Their Papers
Revoked, The Plot For Mass Deportation follows; Plot To Set Up Bigger
Camps To House Them in place, Plot To Kill Them Silently, If They Show
Resistance and Plot To Wipe Out All Their Generation already concluded.

Mr. Cameron, your Government has brought so much insecurity to the
Nation of Britain. Every one fears terror attack unconscious delusion
which is for real as you firstly attacked Nations who choose not to be
bothered and you believe there will be no revenge. United Kingdom Needs
Peace And You Cannot Continue To Lead The People Of Commonwealth With
Terror Justice.

UK Exploitation of petroleum and gas from Commonwealth nations
Regarding how British Government exploits petroleum and gas from
Commonwealth nations for their selfish aggrandizement, Professor Thomas
press statement reads: “Mr. Cameron, Your Government Denies The
Commonwealth Nations Their Resources Of Mother Land In Which Their Economy
Drained Continuously As You Forced Them To Sell To Britain The Petroleum
And Gas Meant For Their Development. In your Deceit, you continue to Print
your Pieces of Paper Money you Pay their Government in Reward, these
reasons the Nations of Commonwealth has (i) Wrecked in Poverty, (ii) Seen
No Civilization, (iii) Dies In The French Sea, in their Quest for Survival
as result of denying their Rights to Travel using Immigration Legislative
Confraternity Sham Laws debarring their Humans Rights.

Confraternity killing squad playing out in all British covert operation
Professor Thomas elucidates on Confraternity killing squad playing out in
all British covert operation agencies. She did not mince her words stating
that “The Whole Agencies of United Kingdom have been coerced into serious
Confraternity Killing Squad strategized like the Hitler and the Nazis, in
Conservative Party Government Observance Operational Code Name: Blood Of
Prosperity in 21st Century Retrogression to Mr. Enoch Powell the Enemy of
the Commonwealth People who Criminally Masterminded Commonwealth
Destruction of Today in 1964, Code Name: The Rivers Of Blood Speech. On
this account, the Conservative Party Ruling Government Policies are
Contagious as the Health Industry to deny Commonwealth Citizens Treatment
and Medical Care shows the British People have gone Mad as you have
continually poisoned their Minds against the People of the Commonwealth,
whose existence is their breath.

Mr. Cameron Because Of The Illegal Actions Of Your Mercenaries, You Have
Legalized Injustice As A Law So The Voice Of Justice Is Silent. The
Commonwealth Citizens Are Dying Secretly In Their Homes As You Have Denied
Them Access To Medical Treatment, So They No Longer Attend Hospitals Since
You Have Brainwashed The NHS Doctors And Nurses To Call The Bounty Hunters
On Them When They Come To The Hospitals In Their Most Deteriorated
Conditions; Mr. Cameron, your Mercenaries arrest Commonwealth Citizens (i)
At Point of Death, (ii) Deny them Medical Treatment (iii) Lock them up in
the German Concentration Camps.

Mr. Cameron, Your Mercenaries At Your Command Have Continually Killed And
Still Not Account For These Death Tolls Since 1965 To 2015 Accrued By
Immigration Sham Legislative Confraternity.
Your Mercenaries Continue To Kidnap Commonwealth Citizens At The Bus
Stations, Train Stations, In Their Houses, On The Street And Humanely
Treated Like Criminals And Even Handcuffed To The Hospitals From Their
Concentration Camps When They Need Medical Attention.

The United Kingdom Government gave the Germans Plots of Land to build the
Dungeon of Hell called Immigration Concentration Camps actual meaning
Immigration Extermination Camps. Till Today over 250,000 Commonwealth
Citizens under estimated figures are locked up in the UK and Europe
Immigration Camps. Mr. Cameron, The British Empire Exploit The
Commonwealth Governments Trade And Investment Inheritance And You Reward
Them With Monetary Loans, Only If They Know Your Monies Are Just Pieces Of
Paper From The Printing Machines Not Worthy For Human Sacrification But
Lust In Their Fantasies.

David Cameron as an Outlaw
Professor Thomas described Cameron as an Outlaw playing destructive
politics against humanity. She says: “Mr. Cameron, In Decoy Agenda, Your
Politics Destroy The Commonwealth Citizens But Their Government Lack Of
Education Denies Them The Consciousness To Protect Their Citizens. Your
Conscience Knows The Commonwealth Citizens Are Not Criminals Rather Your
Government Is, As You Audaciously Brand Them The Enemies Of Great Britain,
British People Have Been Brainwashed By You, Just The Way Mr. Hitler
Brainwashed Germans To Welcome His Regime And By The Time They Knew It,
They Swam In Their Own Destruction.

Mr. Cameron, Is Still Not Clear Why Angela Merkel The German Chancellor
Is Still Brandishing The Hitler And Nazis Style Of Government And You
Accept Her Ill Policies, Accept Her Deceit Diplomacy At The Point Of
Destroying Commonwealth Nations. The Jews Died Foolishly Because They
Failed To Resist The Destruction Of The Germans Hate Crimes Against Them.
The Commonwealth Nations Are Not As Smart As The Israelites, But I Tell
You Toady, They Are Protected By The Spirit From The British King Thrones
And Their Elimination In Generality Is An Impossibility. Your Party
Destruction Upon Them Must Be Stopped Or Else You Will Destroy Yourself
And Your Party.

You Have Buried The Uprise Of Many Political Parties Using Confraternity
Legislative Bill. You Signed The Communications Act 2003 As A Law, So No
New Party In United Kingdom Can Grow Even With Electoral Commission
Registering Over 200 Political Parties, No One Hears Of Them. Mr. Cameron,
I Strongly Advise You To Abolish The Communications Act 2003, So The
British People Have The Opportunity To Know Other Political Rivals With
Principles And Better Agendas For Great Britain, But Instead Conservative
Party Has No Rivals, But Competing With Only 3 Or 4 Known Parties. So Your
Government Continued Their Illicit Destruction On A People Of Coloured, So
You Are An Outlaw Bandit.

Mr. Cameron your Ministers, Home Office, Employees and contracted
Agencies have continually committed Heinous Crimes against the Citizens of
Commonwealth, previously known as British Citizens, but in your
devaluation of the Black Race and Coloured People, you stigmatized them to
downgrade their Civilization in decoyed you still exploit their Human
Resources. Justice Must Be Served As Injustice Is Punishable, But Your
Government Eradication Of Private Prosecution Enforcing The Legislation Of
The Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) Upon The People Of United Kingdom Has
Continually Led To The Destruction Of The British People Themselves.

The CPS As A State Service Weaken Legislative Powers And This Is The
Reason Destruction On Humanity Goes Unchecked, If Not Most Of Your Bounty
Hunters (Immigration Officers Killing Squad) Should Be In Jail ‘En-Mass’
For The Ferocious Atrocities Of Homicide They Have Committed Against The
Commonwealth Citizens In Your Name. Mr. Cameron, I draw you to the
Legislation of Section 6(2) of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985, this
enactment simply gives the State Powers to only Prosecute Cases. Also
Section 23(3) of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985, Cases prosecuted by
the State can be dropped with no accountability so the State is allowed to
drop charges even in disguise. Mr. Cameron, Your Government Confraternity
Has Limited The Court Powers Of Independency Of Justice. All This Sham
Legislation Must Be Abolished As The State Being The Only Powers To
Prosecute Cases Simple Means We Are Not Practicing Democracy In Britain
But Instead Practicing Autocratic Government Of Legalized Despotism.

My Pen Will Brake Now, As The Hot Hours Are Coming Against You Or The End
Of Your Regime Will Be Exactly Like Mr. Hitler Whose Style Of Regime You
Now Exemplified In Governance. Know Now Britain Is Not Your Father’s Vine
Yard. Mr. Cameron, You Must Stop The Chartered Flight Scheduled For
January As For The Commonwealth Nations Government, They Lack The
Education, Hence You Are Their Master, Then You Are My Priority As An
Educationist, I Teach The Reinstatement Of Mind Disability Correctiveness,
So You Will Be A Better Role Model For Them To Exemplify.

Mr. Cameron, I Professor Alexia Thomas is watching you and I know my Pen
ponders your conscience, yet daring the wrath of my challenges, well I am
not alone as in the name of the Kings Thrones, We The Commonwealth
Liberation Party Justice will stand.

Why TCLP keeps fighting for Commonwealth citizens
On why TCLP has consistently been fighting this freedom for the
Commonwealth citizens, Professor Thomas further explained: “The birth of
The Commonwealth Liberation Party is the Enforcement of the Rule of Law
Centered at the controllable state of Queen Elizabeth I, of the 15th
Century of Great Britain. The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) is a
Circuit Link Heritage of the Queen Elizabeth I, ideological rebirth in
finding a lasting solution of the problems of Commonwealth Nations amidst
their Sovereignty in compliance with a Free Commonwealth Governments in
Dignity of their Citizens and Enforcement of the Bill of Citizens Equality
Rights where Government provides for their Citizens in generality. My Time
will not be wasted but my Teaching are heavily merited as my assignment
you may quest the Mystery of the TCLP. I advise you reform yourself and
abolish Human Destruction Policies.

Mr. Cameron, The Detention Centre Must Be Abolished And The Commonwealth
Citizens At The Immigration Concentration Camps Must Be Freed, If Not Be
Ready To Be An Island Of Your Own As The Powers That Be Which Hold The
Values Of United Kingdom Will Abort Your Leadership And The Heat Will Lead
To Monarchical Power Installment And Parliament Abolishment. The
Conservative Party Government have lost their Political Mythology which is
evidential through their initiating Hate Crime Laws to destroy the
Ancestry Bond between the British Empire and her Commonwealth Nations.
Until these matters are resolved, we are at Educational War of
Correctiveness with the Conservative Ruling Party Government as through
their trait of Tyranny to run the British Empire as their Fathers
Vineyard. We revolt and exposes their lust concept as delusional
Ideologies and Reasoning.”

*QUOTES: “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as
outraged as those who are”-Benjamin Fraklin
*“Privilege is the greatest enemy of Right”-Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach
* “Justice is never given; but it is exacted and the struggle must be
continuous for freedom is never a final act, but a continuing evolving
process to higher and higher levels of human social, economic, political
and religious relationship”-Phillip A. Randolph

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