‘UK Govt is Absolute Disgrace, Corrupt, Queen Elizabeth II Must Abolish Cameron’s Cabinet’ -Craig Bulman, British Veteran Army*Says:’ Professor Alexia Thomas’ fight is worthwhile, admirable; she has my admiration. It takes a lot of courage to take on a corrupt and undemocratic government, she is a very brave lady’*States: ‘David Cameron is an Undemocratic Despot, violates Commonwealth Rights of People’*Laments: ‘Continuous arrest, torture, humiliation, deportation of Commonwealth citizens is unacceptable, should be stopped’* Regrets: ‘I’m Ashamed, seriously embarrassed by this Government’

'UK Govt is Absolute Disgrace, Corrupt,
Queen Elizabeth II Must Abolish 
Cameron's Cabinet'-Craig Bulman,
 British Veteran Army 

*Says:' Professor Alexia Thomas’ fight is worthwhile, admirable; she has my
 admiration. It takes a lot of courage to take on a corrupt and undemocratic 
government, she is a very brave lady'
*States: 'David Cameron is an Undemocratic Despot, violates Commonwealth
 Rights of People'
*Exposed: 'UK Prime Minister removed Crown compliance with International 
Law from Commonwealth Charter, United Nations investigating British Govt'
*Laments: 'Continuous arrest, torture, humiliation, deportation of 
Commonwealth citizens is unacceptable, should be stopped'
*Explains: 'Cameron's family wealth came from the Slave Trade cartel'
* Regrets: 'I'm Ashamed, seriously embarrassed by this Government'
*Echoes: 'UK Govt abusing British Public by violating Articles 23 & 25
 of UDHR Treaty'
*PLUS: How he joined Parachute Regiment of the British Army, Fraud in 
Child Support Agency
*QUOTE: “Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts...perhaps the fear of a loss
 of power”-John Steinbeck

CRAIG Bulman, is a British Army officer who enlisted in the service of his nation
 as a trained Parachute Regiment and rose to the height of his military career after
 16 meritorious years in service at  Armored Reconnaissance Regiment of the 
Household Cavalry based in Windsor. In this exclusive interview, this civil right
 activist exposed various forms of corruption on-going in Britain, why he's ashamed
 to be British, reasons why United Nations is presently investigating United Kingdom, 
UK, his admiration for Professor Alexia Thomas (Chairman, The Commonwealth 
Liberation Party in London) on her consistency for fighting for the Commonwealth
 nations, Fraud activities in Child Support Agency and why UK Government must
QUEEN 4 be abolished now:  

Q:How did you see the flagrant violation of Commonwealth Charter by the UK Government?

A: I see the violations of the Charter of the Commonwealth by the United Kingdom Government (UK) as disgraceful and outrageous. We are supposed to be a civilized and democratic society, however it is clear the UK government are either unaware of the Charter or are choosing to ignore it as they believe themselves to be above the law. Had it been another member state of the Commonwealth making consistent violations as the UK is doing, I am sure the UK government would have had the audacity to challenge the offending state.

UK government likes to portray themselves to be the beacon of morality and democracy to the rest of the world, as we can see they are not. They have become one of the worst countries for violating their citizen’s rights and liberties. They are under investigation by the United Nations for their consistent attacks upon the disabled. The hypocrisy of the Tories is breathtaking, they are the most draconian and despotic government the United Kingdom has had in modern times. They forget that they are in office not power and they are public servants not the masters. David Cameron stated in the preamble of the 2010 Ministerial Code that they are the servants and we the public are the masters. Since he got back into office he has removed this statement as well as removing that Ministers of the Crown must comply with international law.

You can see just by the Prime Minister removing this content from the Ministerial Code what an undemocratic despot he and his party are. It is clear by many actions of David Cameron and a number of his Ministers they have been committing Misconduct / malfeasance in a public office as their actions against the public are inhumane. They are knowingly causing harm and poverty to the most vulnerable in our society. Just reading the Charter of the Commonwealth it is very easy to see that there are clear violations. That being said Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II should abolish the Cabinet. She has the power to do this and Her Majesty swore an Oath at the Coronation; this oath is to protect the people and their laws and customs. Unfortunately Her Majesty has not upheld her oath to protect the people.

Q: How can you describe the ongoing violation of Articles 1, 5, 9, 10, 13 and 15 of UDHR 1948 by British authorities against the Commonwealth citizens?

A: It is clear by the actions of the UK government are unaware of the Charter of the Commonwealth or they are choosing to ignore it as I do not think to many people are aware of this Charter. It is of the utmost importance that the people are made aware of this Charter so they are aware of what their rights are. It is not just the Commonwealth citizens who are being violated by the UK government; the British public is also being abused. They are also violating Articles 23 and 25 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) Treaty 1948.

These violations of the United Kingdom government should not be happening in these times, as I said earlier more people should be made aware of the Charter so then more people can challenge the government when they are violating the Charter. I believe a well worded news article would raise that awareness and of course people must complain to the government when they are not behaving how they should. It states in the Charter in the core value The Rule of Law :- We believe in the rule of law as an essential protection for the people of the Commonwealth and as an assurance of limited and accountable government. As it is stated the government are accountable therefore their violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) should be reported to the United Nations. As we know the United Kingdom government is currently under investigation. Due to the seriousness of these violations- thousands of deaths, suicides , poverty etc the Cabinet Ministers should be made responsible to face severe consequences.

Q: How about the continuous arrest, torture, humiliation and deportation of Commonwealth citizens by UK Border Agency in breach of Magna Carta Law?

A: Continuous arrest, torture, humiliation and deportation of Commonwealth citizens is something I have only recently been made aware of, and quite frankly it is unacceptable and should be stopped immediately. Again I think more exposure of this issue is essential so more people can have a say on the matter. You will have seen the huge support for the Syrian Refugees, I am quite sure if this was made more public there would be an outrage.

The Magna Carta still has the force of law under the 1297 enactment; the 1297 version is the shortest version of the Charter. It cannot be repealed as the Magna Carta predates Parliament. Previous Parliaments cannot bind future Parliaments but it is the Common Law which binds all Parliaments. The principles of natural law and natural justice should always be considered.

Q: As a British Army Veteran, what sort of shame and embarrassment has this brought on you?

A: I am without doubt ashamed and seriously embarrassed by this government, The British Army and all other Armed Services have been sent to other countries where governments have been behaving in the same way the United Kingdom government has been behaving. I sincerely hope these vile politicians who have been causing severe poverty and misery to the most vulnerable face severe consequences. This government is an absolute disgrace and it must be abolished it is really that simple. I detest the hypocrisy and double standards of this Tory government. We are all equal, we all come into this world with nothing and we leave this world with nothing. I think it is wrong that we have a Prime Minister who is a multimillionaire and has had a very privileged life. He is not suitable to be running the country as he does not understand the hardships of real life. We need ordinary people from ordinary backgrounds who understand and have lived normal lives. Cameron’s family wealth came from the slave trade so you can see why he behaves the way he does, it is in his blood.

Q: How best can you describe the intellectual fight Professor Alexia Thomas, Chairman of TCLP UK is fighting alone for the Commonwealth people?

A: I believe Professor Alexia Thomas’s fight to be very worthwhile and admirable; she most certainly has my admiration. It takes a lot of courage to take on a corrupt and undemocratic government. She is a very brave lady. Once more people are exposed to this very serious issue more people will join the fight against this inhumane, undemocratic, corrupt and unconstitutional Tory government. You will have seen the huge support from the British people for the Syrian refugees; once they are made aware of this issue they will obviously give support.

You are aware I have been in contact with the Secretary General of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group with regards to the United Kingdom government’s abhorrent attacks on the British public. As you are aware he does not seem to be interested. He is soon to be replaced in April by The Rt Hon. the Baroness Scotland of Asthal QC.

The Secretary General should be getting involved as this Tory government has violated almost every core value of the Charter of the Commonwealth and every constitutional instrument and human rights instrument, including international law.

Q: Tell us about all your civil rights activism for fighting for the freedom of Commonwealth

A: My exposure to the Charter of the Commonwealth is very recent and as soon as I read it I could see blatantly obvious violations by the United Kingdom government towards the British people so I instantly sent emails to the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group, I got no response. Again it is only recent where I was exposed to the abhorrent abuses to the Commonwealth citizens and I instantly recognized it was a violation of the Charter of the Commonwealth. Complaints must be made to Her Majesty, the Secretary General, Parliament and the Home Office. This issue must get as much exposure as possible.

My beef for many years has been with the Child Support Agency as it is clear its operations are neither compliant nor compatible with any human rights instrument and clearly violates the UDHR. The government is very aware that this governmental department is very controversial and there is a lot of public concern which warrants a public inquiry as per the Inquiries Act 2005 section 1.

I have been fighting against this very corrupt and despotic governmental body the Child Support Agency since 2010. They have an absolute shocking history and are responsible for thousands of suicides as a result of their draconian behavior. The Child Support Agency was a Tory part creation in 1993, because it brings in a lot of revenue for the government, the government ignores the concerns of the public and allows them to continue with their corruption.

There is a complaint system which is in place. However they all work together and always take the side of the Child Support Agency regardless of the evidence which supports the Child Support Agency staff has acted in bad faith towards the Non Resident Parent. Their actions are clearly discriminatory, their actions can easily be recognized as misconduct/ malfeasance in a public office and targeted malice. All of the money collected by the Child Support Agency goes into one bank account where the government at one point was skimming the interest made.

As a result of my bad experiences with the Child Support Agency I have had to do a lot of learning about the law, as it is almost impossible to get legal advice and representation as law firms are reluctant to take on the Child Support Agency. The Child Support Agency has quite a list of stakeholders which the Law Society and the Citizens Advice are stakeholders.

I have had a terrible experience with this abhorrent government. They started abusing their powers against me in 1996 just before I was deployed to Bosnia. They interfered with a perfectly amicable private arrangement between my ex-wife and I, their unwarranted and unwanted intervention caused a lot of bad feeling between my ex wife and I which ruined the relationship between me and my children.

In 2010 things got very bad between the Child Support Agency and me. I am a member of a group on Facebook where we have almost 2000 members all with issues about the Child Support Agency abusing their powers. The problem is the Child Support Agency have a media blackout in place so we cannot expose the Child Support Agency in the media. The public are blissfully unaware of the real dark side of the Child Support Agency and how it commits fraud and ruins families and peoples’ lives, forcing them into severe poverty and a lot of the time making families homeless.

I was made homeless they ruined my career and were responsible for pushing me to suicide causing a severe psychiatric injury. I was paying for my children voluntarily they did not need to take such harsh enforcement action against me; they abused their powers when I challenged them after I discovered their liability orders they had secured against me were fraudulent and as a result of their severe abuse of power they caused me severe loss harm injury and damages. Their behavior is easily recognized in the criminal offense of misconduct / malfeasance in a public office. I have created a step by step guide of how to deal with the Child Support Agency; many people have used it and have had some excellent results.

Q: Take us through your biography, philosophy of life and message to the Commonwealth Nations

A: I joined the Parachute Regiment of the British Army in October 1986 after getting through the training I was posted to the 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment. In December 1991 I passed selection for The Red Devils Freefall Team which is a display team of the Parachute Regiment. I had wanted to be in the Red Devils from the age of four years old. To actually get on the team is a huge achievement. In October 1993 I transferred from the Red Devils to the Blues and Royals of the Household Cavalry where I joined the Mounted Regiment in Knightsbridge London.

Then in early 1996 I moved across to the armored reconnaissance regiment of the Household Cavalry based in Windsor. I left the army in 2002 after completing 16 years of service for Queen and Country.

Since leaving the army my eyes have been opened to the corruption of the United Kingdom government and I am horrified at their disgusting behavior, they show nothing but contempt towards the public. It is clear that the people have been deceived and are blissfully unaware that they are actually the masters and the government is our servants. It is time for everyone to wake up and challenge this despotic government.

We are all here for a reason so let’s do something about this tyranny we are all born equal, Article 1 of the UDHR states:- “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” Remember we have unalienable rights and no judge or government can lawfully take these away from us.

Unalienable rights are God given they are our birthright. Rights are not granted by government or the crown and they cannot be taken away or violated by government or the crown. A Judge does not have the right to trespass on our property so the judge cannot give a Bailiff or a civil enforcement officer or a policeman the right by means of a warrant or an order because the Judge, who is a company servant by default, does not have that authority unless we agree.

A public servant is a servant by default with the status of servant and a servant has no authority above the one who grants that authority. Until the Judge can present the agreement or the consent of the governed then the Judge has no authority to grant a warrant or a court order.

My message to the Commonwealth Nations is to learn the law, learn your rights learn how to enforce them. Remember governments were created by man to take care of our matters. They are elected into office not power and they are our public servants: they work for us, they are our elected representatives. They are our elected voice. They are answerable to the law and must comply with the law including international law; they are not above the law. We must fight for our rights at the moment and we must never give in to the tyranny of the state. We need to remind them they are our servants.

The concept of the rule of law by the late lord Tom Bingham. The Rule of Law concept, in essence, embodies a number of important inter- related ideas. First, there should be clear limits to the power of the state. A government exercises its authority through publicly disclosed laws that are adopted and enforced by an independent judiciary in accordance with established and accepted procedures. Secondly, no one is above the law; there is equality before the law. Thirdly, there must be protection of the rights of the individual. In modern society, the value of the Rule of Law is that it is essential for good governance. Governments must govern in accordance with established laws and conventions and not in an arbitrary manner. The law must set out legitimate expectations about what is acceptable behaviour and conduct of both the governed and the government. This is important: the law must apply equally to the government and the individual citizens (The late Lord Tom Bingham).

In this country, all servants of the Crown are responsible to the law; and the law will bring them down if they exceed their powers. A Secretary of State may even be found guilty of contempt of court. There is no special provision for officers, be ministers of the Crown or lowly policemen. The ordinary courts of the land can determine whether they acted validly, under the law. The ordinary citizen has wide freedom from restriction, provided always he observes the duties towards others. The Common Law which controls the use of the powers of the State is a law of duties, not rights.

On the other hand, a servant of the Crown has only powers laid down for him by Common Law or Statute of Parliament. He is kept within the bounds of law by the courts. If he steps outside of those bounds he is ultra vires and may be condemned. As Mr. Justice Laws said, in Fewings (1995) 1 AER 513, Public bodies and private persons are both subject to the Rule of Law…. (but) the principles which govern their relationships with the law are wholly different. For private persons, the rule is you may do anything you choose which the law does not prohibit… But for public bodies, the rule is opposite. It is that any action taken must be justified by the positive law….. The rule is necessary, in order to protect the people from arbitrary interference by those set in power over them. (L.L. Blake The Royal Law.)

The hallmarks of a regime which flouts the Rule of Law are all too familiar: “the midnight knock on the door, the sudden disappearance, the show trial, the subjection of prisoners to genetic experiment, the confession extracted by torture, the gulag and the concentration camp, the gas chamber, the practice of genocide or ethnic cleansing, the waging of aggressive war. The list is endless,” as stated by Tom Bingham, 2010.

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