WHAT’S GOOD FOR DEMOCRACY IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS * ‘My thoughts on Nigeria’s recent election, Importance of Public-Private Cooperation for Democracy’BY TONY ELUMELU


* 'My thoughts on Nigeria's recent election, Importance of Public-Private Cooperation for Democracy'


Tony ElumeluI AM optimistic about Africa and its future. I believe strongly - that a new Africa
has begun to emerge - although one cannot dismiss the odd hurdle and challenge along
the way.  What’s come to life is a more mature continent aware of its past, proud of
its heritage and willing to do more in pursuit of a brighter future.

You may wonder about such unabashed optimism, from someone living and working in a country
 long perceived as difficult and complex. The simple reason is that today’s Nigeria is a different country. 
The potential we have long imagined for our nation is now becoming a reality.
 The economic management of Nigeria has improved over the last decade and our leaders are asking 
more of themselves and their colleagues in and out of government. Also the private sector is more
 self-assured and confident about the new economic policies that have led to steady growth in the past decade.

We don’t expect anything fundamental to change irrespective of the outcome of the
elections.  For this reason we have demonstrated a greater willingness to partner
the government so as to help underpin Nigeria’s growth and prosperity. As a business
leader, my hope for yesterday’s election was a free, fair and well-managed poll that
will increase confidence in the political class, respond to the people and
prioritize the development of our economy.

Recently, Nigerians went to the polls,and over the course of 2015, a total of 11 African countries will conduct national-level elections. Free, fair and well-managed elections will increase confidence in Africa’s political class, its politics, people and economies. This will aid the flow of long-term investment, expand opportunities and allow broader economic participation for all Africans, especially our youth and women.
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