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COVID-19 Pandemic travel restriction: NIGERIAN Couple deliver quadruplets in Dubai, newborn babies stranded in Hospital …couple owing $120,000 and incurring daily charges of $5000 to keep the babies in separate incubators * Kids’ Father, Tijani Abdulkareem, 32-year restaurant city cook: “We have been relying on the goodwill of the hospital and the generosity of the Nigerian community in Dubai. The hospital has really helped us” * “I gave birth to my babies-two boys and two girls on July 1. My husband and I live in Dubai. My husband began making plans to relocate me to Nigeria to give birth when we found out that I was having quadruplets in January”-Suliyah, 29-year mother of the babies * “Nigerian community, with contributions from some UAE residents and other nationals who read the news on local media, have been able to raise (AED) 30,000 (around $8000) to pay part of the family medical bills. They have also secured rent for two months at a bigger apartment for the couple for when the babies are discharged from the clinic. We are keen on ensuring the family gets ongoing support towards the welfare of the mother and the quadruplets even when they get back to Nigeria”-Abdul-Hakeem Anifowoshe, a member of the diaspora community in Dubai * “Nigeria’s embassy in Dubai had contacted the family. The mission is on top of the matter and is in constant touch with the family”-Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Chairwoman of the Nigerians in the Diaspora Commission * BY ALPHA MOHAMMED AHMIDU/SPECIAL Correspondent, Britain

COVID-19 Pandemic travel restriction: NIGERIAN Couple deliver quadruplets in Dubai, newborn babies


NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!Presidents Should Not be IMMUNE from Criminal

CONFESSION: Nigeria’s Music Star BURNA BOY must MARRY ME

CONFESSION: Nigeria’s Music Star BURNA BOY must MARRY ME, I broke up


Edición en español: CONDENADO a 30 MESES EN PRISIÓN DE AMÉRICA! ‘Usé CINCO identidades FALSAS diferentes para Robar el efectivo de más de 300,000 dólares en el ‘-nigeriano de Maryland que el hombre nacido JOHNSON OLATUNJI OGUNYEMI admite * Dice: ‘soy CULPABLE de la Falsificación, el uso Falso de Pasaporte, Fraude, el Mal uso del Visado * Blanqueo de Dinero’ * Esposado en un banco en Nuevo Carrollton, Maryland, después de que Ogunyemi presentó un pasaporte nigeriano fraudulento y el visado en nombre de Benjamin Smith al cajero para conducir una transacción financiera * 50 años llegaron Estados Unidos el 31 de enero de 2015, autorizado a permanecer hasta el 30 de julio de 2015 por CBP, rechazaron dejar los Estados Unidos * ‘Durante Johnson Ogunyemi detención, tomamos posesión de tres pasaportes nigerianos en él teniendo visados estadounidenses, todos con la foto de Ogunyemi, pero de los nombres de Benjamin Smith; Benjamin Johnson, y John Wale. También, encontramos en él un permiso de conducir nigeriano en nombre de Benjamin Smith y un permiso de conducir de Ohio en nombre de David Durston se repuso de Ogunyemi o del vehículo que él condujo al banco’-el Nuevo Departamento de Policía Carrollton * ‘La cantidad de dinero lavada y planchada por Ogunyemi como la parte de la conspiración era al menos 307,300 dólares’ – Abogado de los Estados Unidos Robert K GEORGE ELIJAH OTUMU/AMERICAN JEFE DE OFICINA EXTRANJERO


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