BREAKING NEWS: ‘Pretty Okafor, PMAN President’s impostor GUILTY of Contempt of Court and liable to be committed to Prison’-National Industrial Court of Nigeria …Musician faces three Warrant Arrests, now in hiding after been served at his house located at 14a Fadeyi street, off Obafemi Awolowo way, Ikeja, Lagos *Form 48, Suite No: NICN/LA/272/2015 dated January 21, 2019 reads: “unless Pretty Okafor obeys the judgment of paragraph 6 (III) of the Consent Judgment of Honorable Justice O.A. Obaseki-Osagahe, refrain himself from parading himself as a PMAN National officer, he’s guilty of Contempt of the court” * ‘Further take notice that the act of parading yourself as the President of PMAN contrary to the valid and subsisting judgment of Court dated 20th September 2017 amounts to CONTEMPT of Court for which you will be liable to be committed to prison should you hold yourself out as the PMAN’s President henceforth’-Court Registrar 1, Olafolasade Opeyemi * ‘Zone 2 Police, Inspector General’s team, State Security Services cannot locate his official address’-INVESTIGATION * ‘I am suing Pretty Okafor for lying, defamation. I am not a NEC member so I have no business in organizing any delegate meeting as he recently alleged. Those around him like Zaki, Sony Nneji and Muma Gee in Port Harcourt will also be liable for association and conspiracy’-Tee Mac Omatshola, former PMAN President BY TUTU ORIADE/ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER & CHUBA ADIOGBE/JUDICIAL REPORTER, Naija Standard Newspaper

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